The ability to innovate is considered one of the most effective strategies to compete worldwide. They are an essential factor in positioning VTIS more strongly than comparable companies in the market for security solutions. VTIS is always on the lookout for groundbreaking products, services and processes that strengthen its position in global competition and contribute to growth. The innovative potential at VTIS is particularly high thanks to its team of specialists from a wide range of disciplines. This benefits both partners and customers alike.

Latest Topics

Artificial intelligence

Concrete examples for the daily use of AI in different industries. Real-time analysis of the video stream: AI-based object recognition, recognition of behavior patterns (e.g. fast hectic movements) and much more.


Small and inexpensive components with unlimited possibilities for measurement, control and monitoring. Connection of sensors such as temperature, humidity, acceleration, gas, GPS. Easy connection to third-party systems.

3D Print

Rapid prototyping of new components. 3D printers enable us to quickly and cost-effectively develop our own products, e.g. suspensions for IP cameras, housings for microcontrollers or sensors. The possibilities are unlimited.

Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of powerful hardware components in the IT sector, the use of AI for video surveillance solutions opens up new exciting possibilities. From now on it is possible to use market-ready systems that independently recognize and evaluate certain patterns and processes.

The fields of application range from security relevant focal points to marketing aspects. Authorities, security companies, the retail sector, but also branches of industry are already profiting from the numerous possibilities that implementing AI in video surveillance brings with it.

Possibilities of AI video surveillance

The function of a video surveillance system in connection with artificial intelligence can be described in four steps. Each individual step can work as a “system” independently of the others. However, as the complexity of a requirement increases, more processes are needed to get a flawless result.

Step 1

Recognition of patterns

Intelligent video surveillance automatically detects objects and people in all lighting and environmental conditions

Step 2

Classification of patterns

The evaluation of the recognized patterns is the actual AI function. In the retail area, for example, you can determine whether a shopping cart is empty or full. In the security area, for example, posture and movement sequences can be identified.

Step 3

pattern matching

In this step, recognized patterns and motion sequences are compared with already known models. If a certain event occurs, the system can issue an automatic message.

Step 4

Message to defined recipients

In the last step, the messages can be forwarded to a wide variety of recipients, such as gatekeepers, central control offices, alarm systems, arbitrarily placed network loudspeakers and much more.


In order to further advance the topic of artificial intelligence, we have entered into a competence partnership with Tarox AG. Together we have already developed initial implementation concepts with world market leader Intel and rely on its Toolkit OpenVINO™.

With Vizualize we implement concepts for the retail industry. The implementation of KI in this area offers even greater added value for security, marketing and inventory differences.

More about AI

Would you like to learn more about artificial intelligence in video surveillance? Then simply get in touch with us. We would be happy to exchange ideas or consult you on this subject without obligation.


Many people think Arduino and Raspberry Pi are exclusively for hobbyists. We at VTIS see things differently and use Arduino and his Shields to develop new concepts for projects or to turn ideas into reality. With the right software, an Arduino prototype becomes a fully documented project with PCB templates, enabling the production of larger quantities. As an innovative company, VTIS uses these technologies to offer its customers a real competitive advantage.

What we have already implemented with Mocrocontrollers

Using Arduino and Raspberry Pi as rapid prototyping platforms allows us to turn ideas into reality quickly and easily. Be it through the use of GPS extensions or radio modules. In connection with the network technology of modern IP video surveillance solutions there are unlimited possibilities.

Visualization of measured values

Measurement and display of different values in the video stream (temperature, humidity, etc.)

Control of machines

Reliable control of machines and processes using integrated object detection on cameras or VMS

Interfaces to other systems

Connection of video surveillance system to third-party systems via potential-free contact, MQTT and HTTP

Programming according to requirements

Implementation of individual customer requirements with in-house microcontroller programming

More about microcontrollers

Would you like to learn more about microcontrollers? Then simply get in touch with us. We are happy to exchange ideas or advise you on this topic without obligation.


Prototyping with the 3D printer is no longer a vision of the future. In industry, 3D printers and sintering systems have been in use for several years. In the meantime, 3D printers and the associated filaments have fallen so far in acquisition costs that they have become interesting even for private users.

At VTIS, prototypes are already being produced using the company’s own 3D printer. In this way, samples for IP camera suspensions have already been developed and prepared for mass production. Especially our customers and partners benefit from this know-how. In addition to rapid prototyping, the 3D printer is also used to develop spare parts or tailor-made tools.


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Conversion for a customer from the retail sector

In this special case, a major customer had introduced changes to the lighting concept so that the camera suspensions previously used no longer fitted. Therefore, a modular multifunctional camera suspension was designed and developed at short notice. In the meantime, these new suspensions have proven themselves in numerous projects.

Our innovative strength makes us flexible. For you, it has the significant advantage that we can react quickly to any changes or desired custom-made products. Of course, this is also ensured by our excellently trained employees.


Learn more about 3D printing

Would you like to learn more about 3D printing and video surveillance? Then simply get in touch with us. We will be happy to exchange ideas or advise you on this subject without obligation.