Innovation is the driving force behind our corporate culture

One of the most successful strategies in global competition is the ability to implement innovations. These are essential for VTIS to outstand in the security market. We constantly search for innovative products, services and processes to strengthen our position in the global market and to ensure a constant growth of the company. With a team of specialists from different disciplines, we have a high potential for innovation. This is an important benefit for our partners and customers.

Rapid-Prototyping with 3D-Printing

3d-Printers have become a common tool for prototyping. The industry has been using printers and sinter plants for a long time, now due to lower prices even private households use 3d-printers.

VTIS already used 3d-printing in a project for individual and tailor made suspensions for surveillance cameras. The 3d-printed prototypes where used as a template for mass production. Especially our customers and partners benefit from this knowhow. Besides prototyping we also use 3d-printers for building parts and tools.

Individual solutions for your requirements are our USP.

Rapid-Prototyping with microprocessor technology


Arduino and Raspberry Pi are commonly seen as gadgets for private use and hobbyists. At VTIS we use these tools to realize new concepts for exciting projects. With the right software we are able to convert an Arduino-prototype into a full documented project including templates for circuit boards. This setup enables a full scale mass production. We use these new technologies, because we see the immense potential for our customers and partners.

The use of Arduino and Raspberry Pi as Rapid-Prototyping-Platforms allows us to realize ideas fast and uncomplicated. Therefore, we use for example GPS-Extensions or radio modules. There are thousands of possibilities in combination with network technology and IP surveillance solutions.

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