eneo 400 Series – IR light. Tailor-made.


eneo 400er Infrarot Scheinwerfer

The integrated twilight switch the illumination automatically autonomous

Optimised illumination for every surveillance task, high range, low power consumption, Easy Installation comfort and a striking design: these are the benefits of the new intelligent high-power infrared LED illuminators in the eneo 400 series available in four different versions.

Each model is fitted with high-power SMT LEDs that achieve ranges up to 220 m with their high-efficient aspheric lenses. The sturdy, semi-discrete lights (850 nm) are equally suitable for mounting on walls, ceilings, poles and in weatherproof housings, and they are fit for anything in the temperature range from -50°C to +50°C (protection rating IP65 and IP67). The integrated twilight switch ensures that the illuminators activate automatically in response to the prevailing lighting conditions.

Einfache Installation

The shipping package includes a wall and ceiling mount. Furthermore every illuminator is fitted with an integrated power supply unit and a separate screwable and waterproof connector to enable flexible adaptation of cable lengths: simply lay the power cable to the length required and hook up to the power supply – finished!

Everything at a glance with IRLED-401E / 402E-IRLED

The elliptical light distribution of the IRLED-401E and IRLED-402E illuminators makes them the recommended choice for particularly video surveillance tasks that benefit from uniform illumination. As opposed to conventional, circular lenses, the elliptic radiation angle of the high-power lenses – the light beam height is 3.5 greater more than its width – ensures highly effective and uniform illumination of relevant image areas. This means overexposures frequently seen in the image foreground are prevented, light energy is not wasted in illumination of irrelevant areas. The maximum range is 100 (IRLED-401E) or 145 (IRLED-402E) metres depending on the environmental conditions.

Precise illumination with IRLED-401S / 402S-IRLED

The lenses of these spotlights generate circular light distribution with a radiation angle of 13°. The particular strength of these illuminators lies in their long range of 150 (IRLED-401S) and 220 (IRLED-402S) metres.

All four models are ideal for the 4:3 and 16:9 video formats.  Models with elliptical light distribution are recommended for the 16:9 format as well as all applications that need a high level of homogeneous illumination. The two spotlight versions are ideal where targeted object illumination and a long distance are paramount.


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