Fast, sharp, quality lens – Domes of Sony W series


Sony IP Kamera W-Serie

Excellent image quality without backlight

Rapid Domes of the Sony W series master the most difficult environments such as rain, sunshine, extreme changes between light and shadow, and excessive vibration caused by wind or by the environment (roads and bridges). Sophisticated technologies ensure a consistently excellent image quality without backlight.

The W Series powerful Rapid Dome Cameras are specially designed for demanding surveillance of large areas (inside, outside). They provide reliable performance and great image quality with rich features. The Sony W-Series is up to all challenges.

With the latest generation of Sony’s IPELA ENGINE PRO the domes of the W-series deliver pristine picture quality and intelligent analysis functions.

IPELA ENGINE in action:


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View-DR Technology – high contrast images even in sunlight or backlight

Sony’s View-DR technology achieves an incredible dynamic range of 130 dB at full HD resolution. Even strong sunlight or backlight is not a problem. Domes of the Sony W series deliver images when many other cameras have to deal with the extreme change between light and shadow. All models support frame rates of up to 60 frames. This is twice as high as most IP cameras and ideal for applications in banks and casinos. The user can monitor incidents that happen in a matter of seconds. Even with suboptimal conditions, the W-Series cameras deliver high-quality video images that you can rely on. The clarity of the images is increased by the function “Defog Image Processing” for filtering smog or haze. The powerful gyroscopic image stabilization compensates the camera shake that can occur due to wind or vibration on a road or bridge.

360° pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ)

Thanks to the 360° endless rotation all four cameras can cover a large indoor or outdoor area. Finally, it may come in every scene to an unexpected action. With the highest swing speed of the industry (700°/s), the user can quickly switch to the relevant event with a single, fluid motion. The powerful 30x optical zoom covers a large area and provides detailed close-up of a face or suspicious package without the image sharpness suffers. Two modularized models can be used even in extreme temperatures from -40 ° C to +50 ° C and are therefore suitable for both hard winter and parking lots in the blazing sun in the summer. With the IP66 (waterproof) and IK10 (vandal-proof) the cameras kepp all unwanted access away.

The W Series in VTIS Shop

Of course, you will find the complete Wseries in VTIS Shop.

SNC-WR632Outdoor Unitized 1080p/60 fps Rapid Dome Camera Powered by IPELA ENGINE EX™ – W Series
SNC-WR602Outdoor Unitized 720p/60 fps Rapid Dome Camera Powered by IPELA ENGINE EX™ – W Series
SNC-WR600Rapid Dome 720p/60 fps Camera Powered by IPELA ENGINE EX™ – W Series
SNC-WR630Rapid Dome 1080p/60 fps Camera Powered by IPELA ENGINE PRO™ – W Series



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