Illuminate optimally with eneo IRLED-401E


Powerful high-power SMD LEDs

With the new 400 series eneo presents high performance infrared LED lights, which stand out through optimal illumination, long range, low power consumption and easy installation. The 400 series are available in four variants. Each model is equipped with powerful high-power SMD LEDs. In conjunction with the highly efficient aspherical lenses ranges of up to 202 m can be achieved. The rugged, semi-discrete emitters (850nm) are equally suitable for mounting on walls, ceilings, mast and weatherproof enclosure and make the temperature range from -50 ° C to 50 ° C with everything (degree of protection IP65 and IP67). The integrated twilight switch ensures that automatically activate the headlight depending on the lighting conditions.

Easy Installation

Wall and ceiling mount are included in the delivery. The integrated power supply and a separately bolted and watertight connection plug the cable length can be optimally adapted to the conditions: Just apply the power cable to the required length and connect to the power supply.

Uniformly illuminate with IRLED-401E / 402E-IRLED

Because of their elliptical light distribution, the LED headlights IRLED-401E and 402E-IRLED are particularly suitable for video surveillance tasks where uniform illumination is important. Thus, the light beam is 4.5 times as wide as high whereby uniform illumination of the relevant areas is ensured.

Powerful spotlights with IRLED-401S / 402S-IRLED

The lenses of this spotlight produce a circular light distribution with a beam angle of 13 °.


IRLED-401E100 meters
IRLED-402E145 meters
IRLED-401S150 meters
IRLED-402S220 meters

Range depends on the prevailing environmental conditions.

All four models are suitable for video formats 4: 3 and 16: 9. For the 16: 9 format, as well as all applications which require a uniform illumination of a particular degree, the models suggest elliptical light distribution.


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