IP video trends for 2014


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More use of IP cameras in the private sector

IP cameras are increasingly installed in small and medium-sized systems, even if there are still builders who have the opinion that IP video technology is high-priced and can only be used for complex high-end applications. Even in the private sector IP cameras are increasingly used to protect one’s own property and outdoor areas.

Reasons for this positive development of IP video technology are the economic change and higher security needs. Not forgetting the technological progress of the video sector. Even stubborn sceptics are now convinced by IP technology. The analysis institute HIS Research expects a recognizable growth of 20-25% for 2014.
Trend 1: SMEs increasingly are using IP technology
Small and medium businesses can benefit greatly from IP technology. By storing video content on NAS drives or SD cards costly recorder systems are now a thing of the past. This trend is supported by the price cut of IP cameras. Installation is always more cost-effective since existing IP infrastructures can be used. Existing analogue systems can be digitized by an encoder and integrated in the IP infrastructure.

Trend 2: Video Hosted Services
With cloud computing, it is possible to restrict the basic investment on the video surveillance camera and an Internet connection. For a small fee data can be stored online through the hosting provider. The fee depends on the number of camera channels and partly on the data volume. To the hosting provider’s service includes access via iPhone, iPad or smartphone and tablet PC on the recordings or live images. The solution is best suited for systems with a small number of cameras, such as retailers, gas stations and small offices.

Trend 3: Added value through intelligent functions
The features of today’s digital video surveillance go beyond the classical use as a monitoring tool. IP video surveillance systems for retail add significant value. Functions like People Counting, Heat-Mapping or process optimization in the cashpoint areas provide a lot of data to improve store management and increase profitability. Many functions are pre-installed and free of charge.

Trend 4: Technical evolution of 4K
The 4 times HD resolution (HDTV 4K) is to replace the HDTV standard already used in the consumer sector. The significant increase in bandwidth demands an already started development of compression algorithms.

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