Milestone Husky – the performance NVR


Powerful all-in-one solution

With the new Husky Series Milestone presents a new performance-optimized network video recorder (NVR). The goal was the development of a powerful all-in-one – solution with optimized computing power.

Advantages of Husky-NVR Series

  • Fast to deploy and ready-to-use in just a few minutes
  • User-friendly, plug-and-play solution
  • Perfect match between reliable, industry-leading software and industrial grade hardware
  • Installed with Milestone video management software (VMS), proven in thousands of installations worldwide
  • A selection of performance-optimized solutions designed to suit a range of user needs
  • NEW! Milestone Husky Hybrids – a premium solution for mixing analog and IP cameras
  • Flexible viewing clients for on-the-go and remote access
  • Use Milestone Interconnect™ to connect Milestone Husky NVRs at remote sites to XProtect® Corporate for centralized management
  • Connect multiple Milestone Husky M30 or M50s with a master/slave configuration and view video from all connected cameras by simply connecting to the master server
  • Choose from more than 50 preconfigured options and use add-on licensing for a customized solution
  • M30 and M50 are compatible with XProtect Smart Client®, all XProtect add-ons and third-party integrations to create a wide variety of business solutions
  • Includes free Customer Dashboard to enable your installer to monitor the health of your system and proactively resolve technical issues


Overview of Milestone Husky Series

Milestone Husky M10Milestone Husky M30Milestone Husky M50
Milestone Husky M10 NVR is a sleek, fanless model with Milestone VMS preloaded and
configured for efficient performance and reliability. Milestone Husky M10 is a scalable and
cost-effective solution for easy integration into any Milestone surveillance system.
Milestone Husky M30 NVR is a workstation with XProtect® VMS preloaded and configured for performance and reliability. Milestone Husky M30 is a powerful, customizable, scalable and cost-effective solution.Milestone Husky M50 NVR is a premium, rack-mounted unit with advanced XProtect VMS preloaded and configured for greater
performance, storage capacity and reliability. Milestone Husky M50 can record up to 24TB from up to 80 cameras.
Milestone Husky M50 is scalable, powerful and can be customized to meet specific installation needs.
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