NUUO IVS – intelligent video analysis


NUUO IVS - intelligente Videoanalyse

Prevention of property damage and more efficient use of video surveillance system

Surveillance camera has become more and more popular nowadays. However, the main purpose for surveillance camera is just ready for forensic evidence. How to prevent property damage from happening and how to use surveillance video wisely are more important than just recording.

NUUO offers robust, feature rich IVS solution package that is simple to set up and cost effective.  NUUO IVS solution supports a variety of cameras, both IP and analog, and is also compatible with NUUO Mainconsole. With the most important business impacting features in mind, we packed features that will lower false alarms and raise detection accuracy. It even features self-learning algorithm for maximum adaptability to environmental changes such as ignores the swaying trees in the field of view. NUUO IVS engine can track, classify and analyze the behavior of individual or group of objects over long distance to greatly improve parameter security and monitoring efficiency.

With an IVS in place, false alarms is no longer an issue for security guard and operator. High detection accuracy means high work efficiency. Operators will not waste their time on handling countless false alarms.

NUUO IVS can turn boring surveillance video footage into valuable data. The presence of a camera not only brings promise of security, but it can also turn an invaluable business tool. Some useful quantitative IVS functions can make immediate business impact such as people and vehicle counting. The application of IVS for business is limitless. Try NUUO IVS Trial License now or contact your NUUO representative for more information.


The NUUO IVS packages at a glance

Function CountingPrecenceSurveillanceAdvanced
Anzahl von Detection Zones oder Lines 40 40 40 40
Counting x x
Tamper Detection x x x x
Camera Calibration x x
Object Classification x x
Camera Shake Elimination x x x
Presence (Tripwire) x x x
Enter and exit x x
Appear and disappear x x
Dwell x x
Tailgating x x
Stop x x
Direction x x
Abandoned/ Removed Object*xx

Abandoned/ Removed Object is available with Mainconsole v5.0.22 or later version.


The IVS licenses


IVS Counting: includes a bi-directional line-crossing filter
IVS Presence: Presence filter detects when an object is inside or is crossing a zone or a Line
IVS Surveillance: includes Presence filter, Surveillance filter and Classification
IVS Advanced: includes Counting filter, Presence filter, Surveillance filter and Classification


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