The future of video surveillance

Artificial Intelligence

Your video system can do more than just record video. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), today’s surveillance cameras can analyze and evaluate the video stream in real time and interact directly with business processes through rich interfaces.

The Corona pandemic has helped demonstrate the utility of AI-based video systems. Counting people, detecting crowds, or even measuring body temperature are just a few examples where AI is being applied to video surveillance.

More than a billion surveillance cameras are already in use worldwide. It is already predicted that by 2024 every third IP camera will be AI capable.

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Tomorrow's potential today

AI-based object recognition
and object classification

Automated detection and classification of people and vehicles suitable for the particular monitoring needs. The advantage of this solution is that it is installed on compatible cameras. Another dedicated analysis server is not necessary.

AI-based object detection and classification provides reliable detection of people and vehicles. This makes it easy to set up customized scenarios when a vehicle or person enters an area or crosses a virtual line. False alarms caused by moving vegetation or small animals are a thing of the past.


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Advantages at a glance

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What is possible with artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence in video surveillance

Object detection

The system detects objects in a scene. The classification follows.

Object classification

The system distinguishes between, people, vehicles, etc.

Object attribute detection

Attributes are assigned to the recognized object. For cars e.g. color, for people e.g. glasses…

Face recognition

The AI can tell if a person has access to an area or not based on their face.

Gender recognition

Recognition of the gender of a person is possible without any problems.

Age Recognition

The classification to an age group is done automatically.

License plate recognition

License plate recognition can be performed alongside normal video surveillance tasks thanks to AI.

People counting

Thanks to reliable object detection, people counting operates even more reliably. The walking direction is also recorded and can be evaluated.

Mask recognition

In sensitive areas, masks are still required. KI reliably detects if the mask is properly fitted.

Improved search

Video management systems also exploit the possibilities of AI. For example, search for cars, people, and more.

Relevant Data Storage

Through intelligent object classification and attribute recognition, only relevant data such as faces, license plates or similar can be stored.

Social Distancing Detection

If the minimum distances are not maintained, the video system reliably reports where personnel must intervene.

Our video systems can do more than you think

Artificial intelligence in Retail

Thanks to intelligent, specialized video technology and Artificial Intelligence, retailers are enabled to compete with highly optimized online commerce. Retailers can increase and optimize their business results through automation, optimization and audience targeting thanks to sophisticated AI.

Increase your customers’ sense of security through automated masking control.

More sales through target group-specific targeting

POS optimization through artificial intelligence

Turn data into meaningful insights thanks to AI-based video analytics. Optimize your POS by targeting your audience based on age and gender structure. React in real time to large crowds or long queues and turn waiting customers into paying customers.

Analysis of
Customer flows

Thanks to people counting and heat maps, visit and dwell times at the POS become visible and evaluable.

Detection of

Optimize waiting times at checkouts by using your video system to determine peak times and deploy checkout staff in a targeted manner.

Target group oriented

Personalized advertising tailored to your clientele. Intelligent customer segmentation and targeting.

Store conversion rate

Give context to your sales numbers by adding dwell time and purchase behavior.

Shelf Management & Inventory Management

Your video system keeps an eye on the shelves and informs you about vacancies. Monitor your stock in real time thanks to artificial intelligence.


Analyze and evaluate the walking paths of your customers. Determine the optimal POS and improve your displays.


Prevent theft and enforce premises restrictions thanks to customer and identity authentication through intelligent store control for loss prevention.


In sensitive areas, masks are still required. KI reliably detects the proper fitting.

Data protection

Dynamic privacy masks protect the identity of your customers. Privacy-compliant video surveillance is easy to implement thanks to AI.

Analyze the shopping behavior of your customers

Use the key figures of these analyses and optimize assortment, goods presentation and staff deployment.

An AI-based video analysis can also examine the purchase decision process for specific products and derive recommendations for action.

Identify shoplifters by behavior

AI detects shoplifters based on their typical behavior pattern. For example, constant glancing around, searching for surveillance cameras, or staying in one place for a longer period of time.

Detect goods in the shopping cart

With the help of control cameras in the checkout area, an AI detects whether there are still goods in the shopping cart. If this is the case, the cashier can be informed automatically via an alarm message.

Control self-service checkouts

To keep inventory losses to a minimum, smart video surveillance with the help of AI greatly reduces unintentional operator errors and deliberate theft. In the event of irregularities, the cashier is automatically informed.