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Intruder Alarm Systems (IAS)

According to the police crime statistics (PKS) for the year 2021, the number of burglaries is at a high level of 54,236. Even though the number has decreased again for the second year in a row, burglars are still active and effective burglary protection through a modern burglar alarm system is an investment in your security.

The previously described decline is also due in no small part to the security measures provided by burglar alarm systems as well as the use of video surveillance systems. More than 49 percent of all burglaries failed at the first attempt.

Intruder alarm systems from VTIS provide a remedy: In most cases, perpetrators are deterred or, in an emergency, caught in the act. VTIS relies on burglar alarm systems from TELENOT. Burglar alarm systems must function reliably in an emergency. That is why we trust in the quality of TELENOT.

Telenot IAS Solutions

Securing premises with an intruder alarm system

TELENOT’s smart alarm systems protect against burglary, fire, water and gas leaks, and unauthorized entry. In addition, you benefit from interesting smart home functions.

As a leading German manufacturer, TELENOT offers the best possible protection thanks to certified security solutions that comply with directives and standards.


  1. Hazard detection control panel
  2. Room monitoring
  3. Smoke detector
  4. Emergency call detector
  5. Single object monitoring
  6. Optical/acoustic signal transmitter (external)
  7. Acoustic signal transmitter (internal)
  8. Internal control panel
  9. External control panel with lock monitoring
  10. External skin monitoring
  11. Infrared light curtain
  12. Transmission device
Intruder Alarm Systems from Telenot

Intelligent security technology for your safety

All signals from motion detectors, glass break detectors, light barriers and other sensors converge in the control panel and are processed. The control panel is the brain of the TELENOT intrusion alarm system. Unlike IAS solutions from other providers, TELENOT modules communicate bidirectionally – in both directions. This means that not only are control commands sent from the intrusion alarm control panel to the individual sensors, but the components also send acknowledgements of receipt and status messages to the control unit. For this reason, intrusion detection systems from TELENOT are particularly secure and reliable!

Professional security solutions

Intelligent alarm technology

  • leading manufacturer in the field of alarm systems & security technology
  • coordinated components
  • high detection efficiency
  • EMA components communicate with each other
  • Control of your alarm systems via smartphone or tablet
  • Planning and realization of your intruder alarm system according to VdS!
Networked security solutions

IP based alarm technology for your property

The active protection of your property is traditionally provided by an intrusion alarm system. Depending on the security concept, intrusions are detected in advance and transmitted redundantly to external emergency and service control centers, both on site and via appropriate transmission devices.

These then map action plans entirely according to your ideas, which are taken in your interests in the event of an intrusion, in order to ensure the greatest possible protection and avert damage. The latest technologies such as encrypted mobile apps ensure optimum ease of use and visually intuitive control of your alarm system as required.

Of course, we incorporate our experience in IP video technology for an optimal supplement for this widespread form of building and area security, in order to contribute not only an individual identification of the triggering alarm generator, but also a corresponding visual scenario of origin.

This results in optimal and interlocking all-round protection. The sensor technology of an adaptive video/alarm system goes far beyond the possibilities of a purely visual solution by monitoring the status of all doors, windows and gates. Movements in the armed zones are additionally detected and reported via motion detectors passively by heat radiation or actively by microwave sensors.

Due to the high individuality of a VTIS security concept, areas of application range from compact systems, which can also be conveniently integrated by radio alarm technology, to complex site solutions that manage your security requirements across different areas.

Trap surveillance

  • Alarm triggering when burglar enters IAS-monitored area
  • Monitoring by motion detectors
  • depending on the area of application different detectors are used
  • e.g. infrared motion detectors, ultrasonic motion detectors, microwave motion detectors or combined solutions

Outer skin surveillance

  • Monitoring of doors & windows for opening or break-through
  • especially suitable for inhabited objects
  • Advantage: alarm is triggered before burglary, system can also be active during presence (e.g. at night)
  • is often combined with latch monitoring

External alarm

Acoustic & optical external signaling devices such as sirens or rotating beacons

Remote alarm

To inform permanently staffed entities such as guard and security companies.

Internal alarm

For alerting people who are in the corresponding building.


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Intruder alarm systems & video surveillance

VTIS Alarm Technology 2.0

Our claim goes far beyond the construction of stand-alone solutions or individual trades. The aim is to achieve the highest possible level of integration and dovetailing between the technologies. State-of-the-art encryption procedures ensure the highest possible protection of these sensitive systems with regard to unauthorized operation. All operator interventions are accurately documented.

Our certified team supports you from the planning phase, through the integration and embedding of your security concept, to the ongoing operation of the system. Whether trade, industry, the public sector, private customers, freight forwarding/logistics, gambling halls/casinos, gas stations/rest areas or administration/services, we will work with you to develop an individual and sustainable security concept to protect your employees, family members and assets.