IP live streaming is not necessarily expensive

IP Camera Livestreaming in Full HD & 4K UHD

The application possibilities are unlimited. The costs are manageable.
When do you start your IP camera livestream?

Excellent video quality

Full HD, 4K, 60fps, 120fps (depending on selected camera model)

Streaming software runs on the IP camera

You do not need an extra PC

Support for many platforms

Youtube, Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, Dailymotion, uvm.

One camera, many streams

Start multiple streams simultaneously with just one camera

Stream Overlays

Include your company logo, weather forecast or other interactive ads


Assembly, installation & set-up – all from a single source.

PTZ camera tours

The webcam scans previously defined waypoints

Digital Autotracking

The camera automatically tracks moving objects (depending on the selected camera model)

Local Live Audio

The webcam transmits live audio

Network Audio & MP3

Play in a live commentary or underlay the stream with MP3 music

API / Interfaces

With the help of a comprehensive API, all parameters of the stream can be controlled


If you wish, we can integrate into Facebook, Youtube or your website.

Possible applications

IP Camera Livestraming

  • Full HD & 4K UHD IP Camera Livestreaming for Youtube, Facebook & Websites
  • Construction site camera – live stream in addition to time lapse
  • Animal observation – ideal for zoos and nature reserves
  • Broadcasting events live
  • Tourism: Live IP cameras for cities, communities, hotels & gastronomy
    Overlays and branding
  • PTZ camera tours
A livestream says more than a picture

Your direct link to the customer

Show your products and/or services in a new light – show them LIVE.
Increase the possibilities for interaction and address your customers in a new and innovative way.

Direct & personal communication with customers & interested parties

Your customers are used to communicating with each other via Skype and Facetime. Use these habits for yourself and establish a direct connection to your customers. Give authentic insights into your company or simply show customers and interested parties how beautiful the surroundings of your hotel are.

Engagement through Real Time Marketing

Live video and real time marketing generate the most engagement in social media. Benefit from this advantage and turn passive prospects into active customers. Increase engagement with VTIS live streaming solutions. Every user who watches a live stream is interested in the content of the video – the basic prerequisite for more engagement in social media.

Increase brand loyalty through social media video marketing

By using new social media platforms, your company shows that social media marketing listens to the community and has a feel for trends. Live videos are a direct line to your customers.

Open up new marketing potential

IP camera livestreams
in Full HD and 4K UHD

A video says more than a picture. Tap into new marketing potential by using IP camera livestreams in Full HD or 4K UHD.

With VTIS you have found the right partner. We consult you in the selection of the IP camera(s), take over the installation and set-up on site as well as the configuration of the livestream and if you wish, we also take over the integration into Facebook, Youtube or your website.