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Hardware architecture

Video technology specially developed for license plate recognition with numerous functions and features

Entry and exit control

License plate recognition as the basis for numerous functions and applications. From simple access control to AI applications – the choice is yours.

Traffic monitoring &

Based on reliable license plate recognition, it enables the monitoring of moving traffic and the documentation of offenses.

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99% detection rates

With Tattile video technology, we at VTIS GmbH want to offer our customers a particularly successful and reliable solution in the field of license plate recognition. Thanks to cameras specially developed for license plate recognition, Tattile boasts one of the highest vehicle recognition rates in this category. As an expert in video surveillance solutions with 27 years of experience, reliability, numerous functions and scalability have convinced us to establish a long-term partnership with Tattile and to enrich our range of products and services with this brand. See for yourself.

Tattile & VTIS – Solutions for license plate recognition

Here you will find an excerpt of the different products, functions and features for our Tattile portfolio.

  • Tattile Smart product line
  • Tattile Vega product line
  • Tattile Basic product line
  • Entry and exit control/control
  • Toll collection
  • Parking and occupancy monitoring
  • Automatic barrier control
  • Driver recognition
  • Seat belt detection
  • Axis detection
  • Recognize & document red light violation
  • Speed monitoring
  • ADR: Dangerous goods identification
  • Level crossing monitoring
  • WIM: Vehicle load monitoring to protect infrastructure
  • Traffic light monitoring

Tattile Basic product line

Entry and access control, parking and occupancy control, toll collection and much more.

Tattile cameras are developed for specific areas of application. This specialization of the cameras enables reliable and trouble-free operation, as well as a vehicle/license plate recognition rate of 99%. The Tattile Basic product line was designed for standard applications such as entry and access control, parking and occupancy control and toll collection using license plate recognition.

Tattile Basic product line

The Basic family is based on a small, robust housing that guarantees high reliability in ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) applications.

With a maximum input power of 13 W and a Power-over-Ethernet (POE) interface to minimize installation and maintenance costs, the Basic line is particularly suitable for toll, parking and access control systems.

  • Stop & Go toll
  • Parking management
  • Access control
  • Monitoring of urban roads
  • Congestion charges
  • Access control to traffic-calmed areas
  • Embedded multicore processors
  • LTE and GPS available as an option
  • SSD from 128GB up to 1TB depending on customer requirements
  • Intelligent design
  • Protection class IP68
  • Parking space occupancy management

Tattile Vega product line

Artificial intelligence, vehicle recognition, axle counting, streaming and much more.

For advanced applications in the field of AI, Tattile offers the Vega product line. The Vega product line enables reliable detection rates in complex scenarios and lighting conditions. This involves infrared-supported recognition of license plates from various countries and the identification of details, such as the automatic recognition of the number of axles on a vehicle.

Tattile Vega product line

The Vega product line includes internal sensors and advanced camera diagnostics management to protect against camera tampering. That feature makes them extremely reliable, robust and resistant to vandalism or tampering attempts.

Highly sensitive image sensors and high-quality components maximize service life and reduce downtimes to zero.

Several preconfigured lens options for best image quality and without additional installation effort.

  • Integrated artificial intelligence
  • 99% detection rates in complex scenarios and lighting conditions
  • Integrated infrared component for even more reliable license plate recognition
  • Axis counting
  • Integrated self-timer based on image processing
  • Low energy consumption with PoE+
  • Simple integration with REST API interface
  • Optional recognition of vehicle brand, color and model
  • Internal buffering and optional memory for
  • Offline operation
  • Optional video streaming in high quality

Tattile Smart product line

Speed measurement, traffic light monitoring, traffic monitoring and much more.

Developed for traffic monitoring, the Smart product line from Tattile provides reliable and error-free license plate recognition under complex conditions. The use of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) offers an enormous increase in performance in real-time image processing and ANPR analysis (license plate recognition). The devices in the Smart product line are able to detect and read non-reflective license plates without external lighting and a particularly sensitive sensor in the Smart 2HD
Context camera ensures high-quality images even in low light conditions (from 25 lux).

Tattile Smart product line

The field of application of the Smart product line focuses on moving traffic (speed measurement, traffic light monitoring, traffic surveillance, etc.) and delivers a 99% recognition rate of license plates even in complex lighting conditions and at speeds of up to 300 km/h.

  • Detection of violations in real time with integrated OCR on board
  • Integrated multi-tracking radar
  • No post-processing required
  • Detection of vehicles exceeding the average speed or speed limits at certain points
  • License plate recognition is not limited to infringement detection and can also be used for security or statistical purposes
  • Real-time vehicle recognition (color, model, license plates)

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