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What is license plate recognition

Camera-based license plate recognition is a technical process that is used to automatically identify and evaluate vehicle license plates. This technology is often used in traffic safety, law enforcement and automated parking systems.

License plate recognition uses a combination of image processing algorithms and machine learning to extract the license plate and identify the letters and numbers it contains.


Our solutions for license plate recognition

Automated barrier/gate control

Automated parking management

Traffic control and management


Why you should rely on professionals

The challenge of license plate recognition

Setting up a license plate recognition system is a complex task that requires specialist knowledge and experience. Unprofessional installation can lead to low detection rates and make the system unreliable.

As a professional specialist company, we have the necessary know-how and experience to develop a customized solution for our customers’ specific requirements and to set up the system in the best possible way. This ensures that your license plate recognition system works reliably and delivers the desired results.

Detection rates of >99%

With Tattile video technology, we at VTIS GmbH want to offer our customers a particularly successful and reliable solution in the field of license plate recognition. With cameras specially developed for license plate recognition, Tattile impresses with one of the highest vehicle recognition rates in this category. Reliability, numerous functions and scalability have convinced us, as an expert in video surveillance solutions with 27 years of experience, to establish a long-term partnership with Tattile and to enrich our range of products and services with this brand. See for yourself.

Your advantages with license plate recognition from VTIS

  • High detection rates of >99 %
  • High-quality and robust hardware
  • Cameras specially developed for license plate recognition
  • Lightning-fast detection
  • Reliable detection without false readings
  • Regardless of weather, lighting conditions, reflections, shadows, etc.
  • Automation of entry and exit processes
  • Numerous areas of application and flexibility thanks to AI
  • Professional installation from a specialist company with 27 years of experience
  • Professional support and services

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Professional advice on license plate recognition

Our IT technology and sales specialists are always on hand to provide you with the best possible advice on license plate recognition in video surveillance. Secure a consultation appointment now.


OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

It all starts with a high-resolution image of the vehicle, which is made available to the license plate recognition system. When selecting the image section or camera position, care should be taken to ensure that the scenery is well lit. Possible disruptive factors such as vehicles in an adjacent lane can be excluded from the detection process.

Step 1: Real-time analysis of the image

The software analyzes the image and tries to find out where the license plate is located.

The primary aim is to reduce the amount of data to be analyzed to the few bytes that make up the character string of the license plate in ANSI/ASCII character space.

Step 2 : Finding the license plate number

To minimize false detections, the exact location of the license plate is defined on the image.

This reduces the amount of data and increases the reliability of letter recognition.

Step 3 : Separating the characters

An initial rough recognition of the characters isolates so-called pixel matrices. These enable an effective conversion into the respective ANSI/ASCII value and the programmatic further processing of the recognized license plate.


Triggering is the mechanism that triggers an image capture. Good video systems deliver 25 frames per second. The demands on the license plate recognition system increase with the underlying image resolution. The higher the resolution, the more difficult it is to guarantee real-time detection. The additional evaluation of the individual images using text recognition (OCR) leads to further utilization of the system.

To reduce the system load, modern license plate recognition systems rely on external triggers that initiate the recognition process. These include inductive ground loops, light barriers or pulses from external systems. Ideally, however, the motion detection of a camera should be used.

In the project environment, the conditions on site determine which trigger is most suitable.

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