360° Loxone - the complete solution

Every single product is designed with dedication, carefully selected to guarantee perfect interaction. All Loxone products communicate perfectly via Miniserver, thus forming a seamless whole. The dream of the 360° Smart Home that integrates all areas becomes reality: music, shade, light, alarm, heating & cooling – all in harmony. From the roller shutter motor to the spotlight – with Loxone you get everything from a single source, with the security that all components unite to a perfect whole – your Loxone Smart Home.

Fully automatic control of

  • heating
  • light
  • roller shutters
  • blinds
  • Music
  • washing machine
  • tumble dryer
  • dishwasher

LOXONE as security system

  • Easy connection to video surveillance systems
  • Detects unauthorized approach to the house
  • Complete alarm system
  • Feels escaping water and alarms
  • Warns of fire or smoke
  • Burglar prevention during absence (also during leave)
  • Closes doors, windows and garage when leaving the house
  • Full access control

Detects smoke, water and other hazards

In case of fire and smoke your home immediately alerts you and supports you: flashing light, call and message to your mobile phone, lights escape routes, the shading raises and makes your home transparent. It also feels water ingress for you and offers reliable protection against storms.

Full alarm function

You do not need an additional expensive alarm system in your Smart Home. Existing components such as presence detectors, door contacts, lighting and shading are combined to form a fully-fledged alarm system with alarm monitors and signal transmitters, which protects you 100% reliably against dangers.

Presence simulation

Go on holiday calmly, because while you are on holiday, your house pretends to be home. Your Smart Home shows what it can do, makes the shade dance randomly and plays with your lights as if you weren’t gone.

Intelligent living like no other

Your home knows what makes you tick. What mood you prefer in the morning or evening when cooking, playing or relaxing. It chooses from 1001 options for you. It plays your music – a different one in each room. If that’s the way you want it. And provides with light moods for the suitable atmosphere. This is unparalleled comfort, which is only available in the Loxone Smart Home.

Life at home is like flying autopilot. Because your Loxone Smart Home thinks like you do. It knows about your needs and acts in accordance with season, weather, presence and lifestyle. It is the intelligent home with the highest IQ. One that relieves you of 50,000 actions and thinking processes per year to give you time for the beautiful things.


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Natural warmth through smart team play

In your home, solar energy is used to bring your rooms to a comfortable temperature. Especially in winter, inactive shading makes a valuable contribution to saving energy. In summer, the shading stays down to protect against overheating.

Automated standby killers & power savers

Your Smart Home automatically takes all your standby devices and other power guzzlers off the grid when they’re not needed, you’re sleeping or not at home. It helps you save energy and money.

Producing energy yourself & optimising consumption

The electricity you produce yourself is used specifically in the Smart Home when it is available. This enables you to operate consumers such as washing machines, dryers and dishwashers for free.

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