Network Security

Protect your sensitive data
  • Physical separation of the video network from your corporate network
  • Our partners work with you to develop a security solution tailored to your company
  • 24/7 Monitoring your company network
  • Configuration, maintenance, patches and updates by VTIS partner companies
SOPHOS - Security made simple
  • Tailor-made security solutions for your company
  • Protection for network, workstation and server
  • easy to handle
  • Expandable and future-proof
  • Firewall, VPN, intrusion detection, anti-malware, real-time monitoring and much more
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IP video surveillance in the company network

More security for your data. In cooperation with DO SYSTEMS.

IP video surveillance is fully up-to-date. It fits easily into the already existing TCP / IP network in any modern enterprise anyway. The corresponding systems can be expanded without great effort and do not require any separate cabling. The cameras are generally powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE). Banks, embassies, airports, railway stations, ports, gas stations, hotels and underground garages are just some of the fields of application. Just as diverse as the application areas of IP video surveillance solutions are the basic safety requirements.

After all, each camera represents a potential access point to the company-owned network, since not only images but any kind of data can be sent. This important point distinguishes an IP video surveillance system from analogue video surveillance systems. While company networks had previously defined clearly defined physical areas, which the administrator was able to secure with local resources, today some corporate networks extend across the world. Mobile end devices, home office workstations and virtualization leave the existing network boundaries disappear.

Video surveillance solutions from VTIS are therefore based on a strict physical separation between the company network and the video network. This has many advantages. The video streams do not affect the corporate network and the company network is protected against access, since there is no connection between the two networks. In addition, in cooperation with DO SYSTEMS we offer you interesting security solutions for your company network.

VTIS Managed Security Services

In cooperation with DO SYSTEMS.

The Do-Systems GmbH from Dortmund simplifies the IT security for VTIS customers and protects their infrastructure via flexibly bookable services. Included are configuration, maintenance, patches and updates by the Do-Systems in cooperation with the Cologne company Network Box Deutschland GmbH. The corresponding monitoring or transmission takes place 24/7 and is carried out using PUSH technology. Do-Systems GmbH provides comprehensive and managed IT security solutions at the gateway and provides scalable and modular systems for maximum security. To this end, the company operates a Security Operation Centers (SOC) in Cologne in close cooperation with the Network Box Deutschland. Even for small businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises, Do-Systems offers managed security services based on network box hardware and software. All the security features are kept fully up-to-date with the patented PUSH technology and are updated with updates in seconds.

Security Appliances for your network

In cooperation with Do-Systems, we offer you a variety of interesting security solutions. Please contact us for a non-binding offer.

  • Firewall

  • VPN

  • Intrusion Detektion

  • Intrusion Prevention

  • Application Control

  • E-Mail Protection

  • Content Filtering

  • Data Leakage Prevention

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Infected LAN

  • Realtime Monitoring

  • Reporting

  • Sophos RED

  • Reporting

IT security products are now as complicated as the networks they are supposed to protect. Sophos knows: The solution for complex IT security can not be even more complex. That is why Sophos meets security challenges with clearly designed and easy-to-use solutions - with Sophos you are simply safe.

Security solutions for your network
The ultimate package for network security.
The next generation firewall.
Reliable security for your WLAN.
Safe Internet - everywhere.
Simple protection for a complex problem.
Good news for you. Bad news for spam.
Security solutions for workstations & servers
Comprehensive security for users and data.
Secure with Sophos. Easy in the cloud.
Many devices, one solution.
Protect your data at any location.
Pro server. Anti-Virus.

Unser Partner: DO SYSTEMS

zertifizierter SOPHOS-Silberpartner

DO SYSTEMS is a certified SOPHOS silver partner. So you can be sure that your network security solution is perfectly matched to your needs. Just as complex as your needs are, DO SYSTEMS GmbH is the right service provider for all aspects of computers and networks.