Video analysis

Video analysis refers to all solutions in which the video surveillance system automatically analyzes the recorded video material. The applications that provide this analysis service are also referred to as video data analysis (VCA) or video analysis (VA).

The areas of application for powerful video analysis are diverse and go far beyond normal video surveillance. New analysis functions are constantly being added and many ideas, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, are being used in everyday life in the video surveillance industry. However, the majority of all video analysis users rely on tried and tested functions:

Object recognition

Object classification

Object attribute recognition

Face recognition

Gender recognition

age recognition

License plate recognition

People counting

Mask recognition

Improved search

Storage of relevant data

Recognition of social distancing

Resource management

Reduction of network load and storage requirements

The use of video analysis reduces storage requirements and network load enormously, as recording only takes place when activities are detected. Such analysis algorithms are integrated in modern cameras. The video material is processed and forwarded automatically. Video analysis therefore actively contributes to improving the efficiency of a video system.

Intelligent video systems support the work of staff and inform them, for example, about people in areas with restricted access, about wrong-way drivers or about any attempts to tamper with surveillance cameras.

Save time and reduce stress with video analysis.

Faster retrieval of video material

Searching stored video footage for incidents is very time-consuming, as staff have to view the entire recording. For this reason, it is usually stored and deleted after a certain period of time.

The use of video analysis, e.g. motion detection, means that only relevant video material is saved, as it is only saved when there is activity. If old records need to be searched, only material that could potentially contain the incident in question is retrieved. In addition, intelligent video systems that have, for example, tagged the video data stream during recording can automatically search through several days’ worth of video material and find the right spot within seconds.


Understanding customer behavior with video analysis

Video analysis means that video surveillance systems can also be used for other areas outside of security. They can be used in retail stores to analyze customer behavior, e.g. how many customers stop in front of a certain shelf or how most customers move through the store (heat maps). At airports, intelligent video systems can measure how long travelers wait at the check-in counter. This data can be used directly by staff and shortens waiting times for passengers. Intelligent video systems offer multiple additional uses for the video surveillance infrastructure and thus ensure a high return on investment (ROI).


Video analysis in retail

Attracting customers is essential for any retail business. Making customer acquisition more efficient can be a real challenge. Investigating buyer conversion rates is a first approach. It is achieved by recording and measuring buyer traffic in order to create sales opportunities. This in turn shows ideal opportunities to turn interested parties into customers.

By using traffic counting, retailers can increase conversion rates and sales by adjusting business processes. For example, staff deployment can be optimized by identifying specific days or times of day.

Sales areas

Track customers moving through your store and identify high-traffic areas.

Optimize your store layout based on this information and send targeted audio messages and advertising announcements to the right place at the right time.

Analyze your sales area by measuring visitor density and visitor frequency in defined areas.

Inputs & Outputs

Daily people counting allows you to determine peak times in your store and thus deploy staff more efficiently and optimize service levels. With the help of a counter system, you can detect whether shopping carts contain goods and send automated messages to staff in the event of an attempt to steal the goods unnoticed.

Cash room

Restrict access to secure areas with software that recognizes, identifies or verifies authorized personnel.

Warehouse & loading ramps

Check access to your storage facilities. Use high-quality video to verify and track deliveries.

Parking lots

Weatherproof, vandal-resistant cameras that are suitable for all lighting conditions protect customers and employees day and night. Deterrence of unauthorised presence through voice messages.

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VTIS - Video Technology Infosystems

Topic video analysis

For you, video surveillance and video analysis probably mean security and loss prevention. However, your VTIS video system can do more than you think. You can also use intelligent video analysis to increase your sales and reduce costs.

Always one step ahead of your competitors thanks to video analysis. Analyze the collected data and act instead of reacting. We give you the tools to shorten queues, direct crowds of customers and play suitable background music. Open standards enable the simple integration of third-party hardware and software.

Make profitable changes to your store layout, staff allocation and marketing strategy based on accurate data and insights from your in-store cameras. Open standards allow us to connect your video system to a wide range of third-party applications. We help you to develop solutions for your specific needs.

Take control of daily processes in a way you never thought possible. From audio announcements for long queues and empty shelves, to situational messages to individual shoppers to encourage customers to complete a purchase. By controlling the music, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any situation. You get a powerful platform that you can use to inform and influence your customers.

Deterrence can play an important role in loss prevention and retail security. VTIS offers complete video coverage (sales area, warehouse, staff rooms, parking lots, etc.)

Video analysis can detect suspicious behavior and automatically alert security personnel or police. Of course, the privacy of your customers is protected by automatically masking their faces.

Accidents and violent incidents on your premises can have a serious impact on your customers, your staff and your reputation. With the help of video analysis, unsafe situations can be recognized and prevented. With the help of audio analysis, aggressive behavior can be detected and security personnel automatically alerted. Give your employees additional security by integrating panic alarms. We help you to develop solutions for your specific needs.

VTIS video systems offer you the right security solution for every part of your property. Anti-tailgating technology and visitor access systems help to prevent unauthorized access. Parking garages can be monitored with motion-activated cameras and license plate recognition. Checkout rooms and storage areas can be protected with high-resolution cameras and network door controllers. And you can install alarms or loudspeakers in your area to deter loiterers. We tailor your VTIS video system to your specific needs and requirements.

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