Videoanalysis for Retail

Videoanalysis for Retail
  • People Counter
  • customers paths
  • Evaluation of queues
  • Categorization of customers
  • Evaluation of customer behavior for product displays (heatmaps)
  • Statistical analysis of all recorded data (trends and more)
Visualize: More sales and conversions
  • Understand customer behavior and significantly increase conversion rates
  • Evaluate and improve the effect of displays
  • Identify trends and improve the customer's shopping experience
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Videoanalysis for retail

Vizualize is used in thousands of locations in 40 countries on six continents. Customers are global retailers, brand manufacturers, media companies and large shopping centers. With Vizualize you get insight into the activities of your customers - in real-time.

Make better decisions to attract, convert, or bind customers to your business. Everything from the data provided by Vizualize.

Vizualize combines leading-edge sensors, intelligent devices, software, analysis and reporting solutions to a powerful tool to improve your business performance. The result is a higher return on infrastructure (such as your IP video system), staffing and marketing investment, as well as improved visitor-to-customer conversions. Comparable analysis possibilities were previously only available in the online area. With Vizualize, you use your IP video system as an active marketing tool.

Measuring, evaluating and actively influencing customer behavior

Win customers...

Attracting customers is indispensable for every retail business. Making customer service more efficient can be a real challenge. To examine buyer conversion rates is a first approach. It is achieved by capturing and measuring buyer traffic, so as to create sales opportunities. This, in turn, shows ideal opportunities on prospective customers to make customers.

By using a traffic census, retailers can increase conversion rates and sales by adjusting business processes. Thus, e.g. The use of personnel can be optimized by identifying specific days or times.

... motivate them to buy

A solid understanding of how displays can be optimized to motivate customers to interact is indispensable. Retailers should always try to do more to attract buyers in front of displays to stay to buy products.

The following questions should be asked: How many people come and when do they come? Which displays motivate to purchase? Is staff on the sales floor and how many customers have bought something on this day? Using a buyer analysis solution can help answer these questions and analyze the results.

... and convert

The amount of money that a customer spends is directly related to his personal shopping experience. Currently, the in-store conversion rates are below 30 percent and falling. In order to reverse this disturbing trend, retailers have to continually re-evaluate their store layout, product range and the execution of special campaigns or special offers in order to improve the conversion results. With Vizualize retailers understand these contexts and can lure potential buyers more effectively into their stores.

Your conversion optimization toolset