VTIS Hosted Services powered by Morphean

VTIS Hosted Services powered by Morphean is the best and easiest solution for video surveillance, video analysis and video management – all from one source with the proven VTIS quality, ideal for surveillance, protection or analysis of shops, gas stations, small offices, buildings, industrial buildings or your own four walls. Our unique, actively learning video analytics technology scans human behavior to detect incidents or report business activity.

VTIS Hosted Services puts you on the safe side

  • easy to install and expand
  • self-learning and equipped with intelligent video analysis
  • self-explanatory and does not require any special training
  • equipped with a high safety standard
  • 100% safe

Four easy steps to your video solution

Step 1: Analysis & Assessment

Together with you, we determine your requirements and analyse the local conditions.

Step 2: Preparation & preconfiguration of the component configuration of the components

Your video system will be preconfigured and tested at VTIS to ensure smooth on-site commissioning.

Step 3: Installation & commissioning of your VTIS video system

On request, a system technician will install your VTIS video system and set it up for you.

Step 4: Instruction & Acceptance

After a short briefing by our system technician, your VTIS video system is ready for use.

VTIS Hosted Services powered by Morphean

  • Data protection & security at the highest level.
  • Your data is safe! Data centres in Switzerland and Germany!
  • Administration via browser and mobile apps (Android and iOS)
  • Intelligent video analysis helps prevent crime
  • Process optimization (POS integration, queue management, panic button, etc.)
  • Convincing video quality
  • Cameras for every need – we advise you

Advantages compared to a common IP video system

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Self-explanatory – no specific training required
  • Modest fees instead of high initial investment
  • You only need Switch(es) and IP cameras and a powerful internet connection.
  • high profitability

Your Advantages

Capitalize on your investment in security with a smart and business-oriented use of your videodata.

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Management via browser and mobile apps (Android and iOS)
  • Intelligent video analysis helps prevent crime
  • Self-explanatory – no specific training required
  • Access from anywhere
  • Process optimization (POS integration, queue management, panic button, etc.)
  • Cameras for every need – we consult you
  • Data protection & security at the highest level.
  • Data centers in Switzerland and Germany
  • Modest fees instead of high initial investment
  • Convincing Video QualityAccess to Business Intelligence Tools

Video Security as a Service (VSaaS) von VTIS

Benefit from our many years of experience in planning and projecting IP video surveillance solutions. By using AXIS high quality IP cameras and powerful network components, your VTIS video surveillance system is always reliable and offers you security at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

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High-quality AXIS IP cameras record activities on your premises or at home. The VTIS video system always works reliably.

Your advantages

Full-HD IP cameras & cost-effective surveillance solution

Analysis & Storage

Analysis & Storage

Camera streams are transmitted and analysed via secure connections on server farms in Germany.

Your Advantages

No expensive storage solutions & video analysis included



No matter where you are. Your video system informs you about push messages via app. Alternatively, you can manage your video system via a browser.

Your Advantages

comfortable, intuitive operation of your video system & view recordings via mobile phone

A variety of sophisticated functions

The management of your video system is made easier

Webportal & Apps

Android & iOS

Intuitive web portal to visualize live views and recordings. Based on a timeline to simplify the search for relevant events.

Reaction to an event

Push, email or alarm

Receive event notifications via push, email or the central alarm and easily find the event on the web or mobile timeline.


On SD card or Cloud

Record the video stream either continuously or according to a schedule. Store to SD card of camera or data center.


Recording or Playback

In addition to the image, record the audio stream of the camera or play audio clips over the camera to deter intruders.

High recording quality

You have the choice

Higher quality or longer recordings on SD cards, and event recording in the cloud.

Smart recording


Records only when something actually happens in front of the camera.



Move and zoom in with your camera to see in detail what’s happening.

Export videoclips

From cloud or camera

Download a selected part from the cloud or remotely directly from the camera.

Intelligent video analysis capabilities

A video surveillance system is only as powerful as the underlying video analysis. Video analysis from VTIS Hosted Services scores with intelligent and self-learning algorithms. Event detection becomes even more accurate over time as the system learns from previous detections.

People counting

Live, daily and weekly graphs and statistics about the customers in your store. Compare data from different locations.

Motion detection

Use the classic built-in motion detection of the camera, which is very easy to configure.

Advanced Analysis

Take advantage of the new analysis capabilities offered by Videoprotector (burglary, loitering, counting…).

Event feedback and optimization

Provide feedback on events to enable algorithm enhancement. Each feedback improves event detection.

Fall detection

Morphean’s unique fall detection algorithm detects falls of people, in hospitals, at home or at work.

Axis Camera Analysis

Take advantage of all the analysis features available for Axis cameras.

Security and privacy is Morphean's highest priority

Morphean’s security concept is very strong. A corresponding architecture was introduced, from the cameras to the operating software to the applications of the end customers. The data centres offer a high level of security and are operated either in Switzerland or France.

Access to the user interface is only possible via a secure HTTPS view. This applies to both the web interface and the mobile app. In addition, the connection between the camera(s) and our servers is encrypted using the SSL protocol (AES 128 bit encryption).

In addition, the Morphean platform manages the camera’s root password. This ensures that this password cannot be cracked. The password is generated dynamically and changed every 5 minutes.

All data centers used by Morphean use security level 3 DC. This level corresponds to that of a bank. The US Army uses level 4, which is the highest DC level. At level 3, all access is granted by a biometric system after the 24h/7 day guards have identified the person.

The gateway opens the doors to the data center, but you would still have to know where the servers are located, in which rack, in which room and on which floor. In addition, the companies operating these data centres are in Swiss or European hands. Morphean does not want its systems to be hosted in an American data center. Then the data would fall under the Patriot Act and be accessible to the NSA.

The Morphean database is designed for maximum security. The database that manages all shots and images is intentionally unstructured and our data blocks are completely anonymous.
In other words: No one will be able to restore the videos, even if they manage to break into the database

All access to camera images and camera management is protected by a login, which requires a username (e-mail format) and password (medium security level).

Temporary access (usually used by the police) can be granted by means of security tokens. The token is sent by e-mail and confirmed with a password, which is normally transmitted by telephone.

The Morphean iOS App is VdS certified. This is the first time that a mobile app has received recognition and is subject to the strict requirements of VdS – the leading European institute for burglary protection.

The measures that had to be taken to meet the requirements include protection against keylogger software, brute force attacks and much more. Further information: www.vds.de (enter code 3169 in the search field).

Morphean VIDEOPROTECTOR for Retail

The hosted services solution for the retail market. Benefit from a cost-effective video surveillance solution tailored to your business.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • significantly lower acquisition costs compared to classic IP video surveillance solutions
  • lower operating costs because no video infrastructure with servers, clients & Co. has to be established
  • Full access to your video system – from any workstation or smartphone

More information on Morphean VIDEOPROTECTOR for Retail >>


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