Video surveillance signboard


The Basic Data Protection Regulation has changed many legal aspects of video surveillance. These include information signs. These must be placed by every operator of a video surveillance system; visible to everyone. The content of the signs has also become more extensive; previously a simple pictogram with the note “Attention video surveillance” was sufficient. Now that the DSGVO has come into force, further information must also be included. This includes:

  • Contact details of the responsible person
  • Contact details of the data protection officer
  • Purpose and legal basis
  • the interests of video surveillance
  • Storage time etc.

As the design of data protection-compliant information signs can quickly become time-consuming, we offer a new service with which individual information signs, stickers and posters can be created very conveniently. In cooperation with our partner Bauer-Frischluft, we have integrated an online configurator on the VTIS homepage. Try it out now! Click here for the -Online-Configurator-


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