Success Story:
Port terminal for coal logistics


About the project

In January 2020, VTIS GmbH managed a foreign project for a port terminal for coal loading. The customer requirement was to make the operation of the port more autonomous and secure with the help of network-based video surveillance technology. The entire system had to be able to operate under adverse climatic conditions and be operated by just a few people. Reliability and resilience of the software and hardware were required.
Pre-configuration of individual components
Plant and system testing
Commission of the plant

Our solution

The implementation

At our company headquarters in Dortmund, the entire order incl. Planning, configuration, factory assembly and documentation was prepared for shipment. After the installation by external companies, VTIS carried out the commissioning of the entire system on site. This also involved inspecting the installation work and conducting multiple test runs during live operations. The scope of services for this project included the following aspects:

Project planning

Development of a plug & play system inclsv. Network plan

Configuration of hardware and software

Production of network transfer points (control cabinets, video boxes)

Commission & Shipping


Consistent performance in harsh weather conditions

The challenge

The project had to be executed with transferability in mind, given that the location is outside the EU and considerable distance was a factor. This required detailed preliminary planning and a plant layout aiming for maximum feasibility. In addition to a complex, active network infrastructure, the system consists of IP surveillance cameras and other network devices for audiovisual support. In addition, 10 workstations are to be set up at so-called hotspots (loading and transportation points), which must be operated using touchscreens. The basic principle behind this system is to make it unmanned (more autonomous) and at the same time increase safety standards.

Vtis Hardware & Software

System components used & Infrastructure

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