Interrogation room concept

Success Story:
Childhood Haus

Development & Planning

From assembling the hardware and software components to network planning and commissioning, we built the first Childhood Haus site.

Successful Concept

After the first location in Düsseldorf, further facilities followed in Heidelberg and Berlin. A Germany-wide expansion is planned.

Full service Full service provider

As the project progresses, we take over the delivery of the pre-configured video and network technology, the installation and commissioning as well as the training of the employees on site.

Our Drive

This project has become an important matter, as it allows us to leverage our expertise to make a lasting and active contribution to assisting underage victims.

About the project

Minor victims of violence and sexual abuse are exposed to high psychological pressure and need very long and intensive processing periods. But how can this be reconciled with ongoing proceedings in which the children often have to testify in front of the accused? In collaboration with our partners, we have developed a smart solution for this problem with components from video, network and audio technology. An effective system for child-friendly interrogation rooms has been created with the primary aim of safeguarding the child’s welfare.

Consistent performance in harsh weather conditions

The challenge

Bring injured minors into a familiar and safe environment where they can testify against their perpetrators without being exposed to psychological or physical danger. That was the challenge for the interrogation room concept. The objective is to alleviate stress and, more importantly, reduce the fear experienced by victims during questioning by keeping the perpetrator and victim separated. This new system is mainly used by authorities such as the police, courts and university hospitals. The use of network technology also guarantees location-independence, e.g. for investigations or interrogations.

The implementation

With IP video cameras and corresponding software from Axis Communications in the interrogation room, we enable live transmission to specified recipients. Audio data is also transmitted. The interrogation room itself does not receive any video or audio signals from outside. Silent communication is ensured with the help of a laptop and a special chat program. The VMS used was specially adapted to the requirements of the synchronous video and audio technology needed. All cameras are operated via a central workstation and questions are sent to the specialist in the interrogation room using the chat program. The live image is displayed in the highest quality on a large screen. Forensic evaluations are also possible thanks to the high image resolution.

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