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Video surveillance for homes

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  • GDPR-compliant video surveillance solution
  • Deter offenders in advance
  • Provide documentation for the police in the event of a crime
  • Prevent the door and lock from being forced open
  • Record and document uninvited people
  • Prevent or document theft by cleaners and tradesmen
  • Preventing organized theft
  • Keeping an eye on children and relatives in need of care

Your advantages

  • Customized IP video surveillance solutions
  • Planning, installation and maintenance from a professional company
  • More than 27 years of experience
  • ISO 9001-certified specialist company
  • More than 5,000 successfully implemented projects
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Same contact person for the entire project
  • Friendly and uncomplicated support

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Video surveillance for


Deter vandals, ward off burglars, and, in the worst-case scenario, secure evidence for the police – VTIS video surveillance is here to assist you in achieving these objectives.

Protect yourself before you become a victim of vandals, burglars and thieves. Utilize modern IP video technology to proactively identify unauthorized individuals on your property, preventing incidents before they escalate.

VTIS video surveillance for home security

VTIS offers tailored video solutions designed for your specific needs, providing proactive protection beyond the capabilities of a single video camera. Advanced technologies planned and installed by experts, such as HD/4K video, thermal camera technology and modern video sensors for outdoor areas, offer real prevention.

Our systems detect at an early stage if unauthorized persons enter your private property and send automatic messages to a security control center or to devices of your choice, such as Smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, remote activation of lights, sirens, or voice announcements is possible, often prompting perpetrators to leave before any break-in or theft occurs.

Location-independent control and monitoring

In addition to preventive burglary protection, VTIS also offers you the option of being at home remotely via a virtual connection. With our IP video intercom solutions, you can, for example, create an automatic video and audio connection to your cell phone when parcels are delivered in order to give instructions to the parcel deliverer. Or open the door keylessly from a distance for people you know.

In contrast to commercially available standard video solutions, we provide you with a flexible VTIS system that precisely meets your requirements and needs. Let our experts advise you so that you know your money is well invested and your family and assets are well protected.

Optimum protection with VTIS video surveillance systems

Monitor entrances, garages or parking lots, gardens and much more. with the help of a high-resolution digital VTIS video surveillance system.

With the help of our advanced video systems, you can keep an eye on your home at all times. Access your video system from your cell phone, tablet or PC – anywhere in the world. We will be happy to advise you!

Your individual video concept

Professional advice

Protect your company with professional video surveillance from VTIS. Our experts offer customized solutions for your company’s security needs. Contact us now for a free consultation and benefit from 27 years of experience in the field of video surveillance.

Fully protected

An excerpt of our solutions

Thanks to 27 years of experience and numerous projects in a wide range of industries, we can meet almost any requirement in the field of security and surveillance. Here you will find a small selection of our video surveillance solutions, which have been successfully tested thousands of times. You can find a detailed description of our portfolio on our solutions page.

Recording, monitoring and outsourcing video footage

Site and property security

Control & monitoring of machines


Video analysis

Object classification & object tracking

License plate recognition

Quality products, delivery reliability, manufacturer independence.

We offer a wide range of hardware and software for maximum flexibility. Our first-class contacts with the manufacturers of video surveillance cameras, server technology and basic IT components guarantee you optimum service and support in all matters regarding your video system.

Quality down to the last detail

Success Stories

VTIS project examples

Discover more video surveillance solutions using specific project examples and see our quality promise to our customers for yourself.

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