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Video surveillance for logistics

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  • Control, monitor and evaluate processes
  • Track goods routes
  • Save vehicle data
  • Prevent unauthorized access to the premises
  • Record and verify damage
  • Detect people and movements in security zones
  • Alarm messages to security personnel

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  • Customized IP video surveillance solutions
  • Planning, installation and maintenance from a professional company
  • More than 27 years of experience
  • ISO 9001-certified specialist company
  • More than 5,000 successfully implemented projects
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Same contact person for the entire project
  • Friendly and uncomplicated support

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Video surveillance


In the tough competitive environment of logistics companies, speed, reliability and efficiency are crucial for success. The loss of parcels or general cargo not only causes immediate financial loss and damage to the company’s image, but also has a negative impact on the insurance premiums to be paid.

The excellent scalability of our video surveillance systems for the logistics sector ensures that your investment is future-proof. Thanks to their modular design, VTIS security systems can be flexibly adapted to your needs at any time. All video systems can be quickly and easily integrated into existing company networks, ensuring your long-term profitability and benefiting from the added value of an integrated solution.

Solutions for your industry sector

Video surveillance for your company

VTIS GmbH is your full-service company for advanced video surveillance solutions for logistics. Our customized video surveillance systems use modern network and video technology to meet the specific requirements of the logistics sector. From monitoring entrances and exits to securing loading areas, we offer comprehensive solutions to improve safety and increase efficiency. Put your trust in our many years of experience and state-of-the-art technology to ensure reliable monitoring for your logistics centers.

Entry and exit protection

Strategically positioned, high-resolution IP cameras ensure the documentation and storage of data from all vehicles entering or leaving the company premises in the central video archive. In addition to the license plate recognition, our video system capture vehicle details and occupants in the vehicle cabin, preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to company premises.

Additional features can be implemented on demand to further improve surveillance and incident driven control of third party appliances like alarm systems, lights or gates. Furthermore, VTIS video surveillance systems secure the premises at night or after closing hours in order to automatically detect people attempting to gain unauthorized access to the site.

Loading and unloading

With the help of our solutions for controlling and monitoring loading and unloading, Loss Prevention Managers can easily and conveniently find goods that have been recorded in the receiving area, e.g. using barcode scanning. By entering the goods ID numbers, the time of loading and unloading can be determined quickly and easily. Should damage occur during these processes or if goods are intentionally or unintentionally positioned incorrectly, such incidents can be tracked through high-resolution video footage.

Outdoor area "virtual fence"

The VTIS “virtual fence” solution consists of advanced IP thermal cameras and a video sensor system specially developed for this application, which makes it possible to reliably detect people up to 80 m away. Depending on the property, the cameras are positioned either on the outer perimeter of the building or on special camera poles around the building to ensure seamless surveillance.

If a camera detects people, a message is automatically sent to a security company or the local gatekeeper so that appropriate measures can be taken. A major advantage of the concept is that people detection does not require any lighting, minimizing acquisition and operating costs of a professional video surveillance system.

Hall area - general cargo tracker

A frequent requirement of our customers is the control and monitoring of entrances and exits to a company site. With our cameras specially developed for license plate recognition, we guarantee a recognition rate of over 99%, which you can use not only to secure your premises, but also to automate and document incoming and outgoing traffic.

Your individual video concept

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Protect your company with professional video surveillance from VTIS. Our experts offer customized solutions for your company’s security needs. Contact us now for a free consultation and benefit from 27 years of experience in the field of video surveillance.

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An excerpt of our solutions

Thanks to 27 years of experience and numerous projects in a wide range of industries, we can meet almost any requirement in the field of security and surveillance. Here you will find a small selection of our video surveillance solutions, which have been successfully tested thousands of times. You can find a detailed description of our portfolio on our solutions page.

Recording, monitoring and outsourcing video footage

Site and property security

Control & monitoring of machines


Video analysis

Object classification & object tracking

License plate recognition

Quality products, delivery reliability, manufacturer independence.

We offer a wide range of hardware and software for maximum flexibility. Our first-class contacts with the manufacturers of video surveillance cameras, server technology and basic IT components guarantee you optimum service and support in all matters relating to the components of your video system.

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VTIS project examples

Discover more video surveillance solutions using specific project examples and see our quality promise to our customers for yourself.

Video surveillance solutions

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Explore our solutions through tangible examples using an interactive 3D model. Click on the graphic to load the model. Do you have any questions about the solutions presented? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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