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Video surveillance for retail

Our services

  • Deterrence and/or identification by means of facial recognition
  • Optimize personnel planning by determining peak times
  • Focus on areas with small, expensive items
  • Automatically monitor cash theft, fraud and low-value receipts
  • Uncovering disloyalty among employees and service providers
  • Protect entrance areas, shop windows, parking spaces or loading areas in front of the warehouse against acts of violence, theft or vandalism

Your advantages

  • Customized IP video surveillance solutions
  • Planning, installation and maintenance – all from a single source
  • More than 27 years of experience
  • ISO 9001-certified specialist company
  • More than 5,000 successfully implemented projects
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Same contact person for the entire project
  • Friendly and uncomplicated support

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Video surveillance

Theft & inventory differences

Hotspots checkout, warehouse, sales and outdoor areas: according to studies, around 5 billion euros of annual losses in the retail sector are due to theft and inventory discrepancies.
The German retail sector loses billions of euros in sales every year due to inventory discrepancies, which is up to 1% of total revenue. Customers, organizational errors, suppliers and also employees are the most frequent causes of losses. In order to reduce inventory discrepancies, retailers have increasingly relied on employee training and data analysis in merchandise management in recent years. Recently, however, open video surveillance has dominated as the most popular security measure in the industry.

Example of salesroom surveillance
Video surveillance with a focus on individual cash registers with privacy masks
Monitoring several cash registers with privacy masks

Solutions for your industry sector

Video surveillance for your company

VTIS GmbH is your full-service provider for advanced video surveillance solutions in retail. Our customized video surveillance systems use modern network and video technology to meet the specific requirements of the retail industry. We offer comprehensive solutions for monitoring checkout areas, sales areas, entrances and exits or storage areas, which not only improve security but also increase efficiency. Put your trust in our many years of experience and state-of-the-art technology to ensure reliable monitoring for your stores.

Store monitoring

  • Monitoring and recording of the sales area.
  • Focus on frequently stolen product groups such as spirits and cosmetics
  • Monitoring walking routes and reducing blind spots with suitable camera models
  • Simple and fast operation of the system for the preservation of evidence by an operator on site or remotely

Checkout area

  • Live Privacy Shield for dynamic masking, e.g. at checkout workstations
  • Queue management and queue monitoring
  • Cash register data analysis and analysis of conspicuous transaction data (e.g. deposit receipt fraud, suspicious payment transactions, article searches, etc.)
  • Left-Item-Analysis & Self Checkout Control

Live streaming

  • Streaming of marketing-relevant content
  • Live streaming shows the end consumer the high quality and origin of the products.
  • This provides an image advantage over competitors, as well as greater sales, e.g. in the “organic & fresh food” sector

Add-on features

  • Connection of article surveillance systems, such as feed racks
  • Mobile applications for visualization on smartphones or tablets
  • Heat mapping
  • Monitoring service for automatic detection and reporting of anomalies
  • Automated playback of acoustic alarms
  • License plate recognition when entering parking spaces
  • Business Video Intelligence and much more.

Simple operation for staff and detectives

Our video systems adhere to the principle of intuitive operation, requiring no specialized knowledge. This implies, for instance, that staff and detectives can swiftly and effortlessly access video data, outsource it, and even anonymize individuals afterward.

Our video systems are high-performance yet resource-efficient, they meet the highest standards of IT security and data protection compliance and are roll-out and maintenance-capable.

Quality products, delivery reliability, manufacturer independence.

VTIS video system components are selected on the basis of our many years of experience in the retail sector. The camera models included in the project are limited to the smallest possible variety of products. Our products are durable, suitable for long-term use and optimized for the respective area of application. We pay attention to the highest level of IT security and data protection compliance (no backdoor, secure boot, etc.).

Quality down to the last detail

Your individual video concept

Professional advice

Protect your company with professional video surveillance from VTIS. Our experts offer customized solutions for your company’s security needs. Contact us now for a free consultation and benefit from 27 years of experience in the field of video surveillance.

Fully protected

An excerpt of our solutions

Thanks to 27 years of experience and numerous projects in a wide range of industries, we can meet almost any requirement in the field of security and surveillance. Here you will find a small selection of our video surveillance solutions, which have been successfully tested thousands of times. You can find a detailed description of our portfolio on our solutions page.

Recording, monitoring and outsourcing video footage

Site and property security

Control & monitoring of machines


Video analysis

Object classification & object tracking

License plate recognition

Professional suspension systems

Individual suspension concepts according to your wishes

Using the example of one of Germany’s largest food discounters, we were able to handle a new requirement reliably and on time late in the project. Specifically, this involved a new lighting concept for the discounter’s stores. The new lighting concept and the resulting changes to the ceiling plans prevented the cameras from being installed properly. From planning to installation, we developed individual camera suspensions especially for this project, quickly, precisely and on time. With us as your partner for video surveillance, you can be sure that your new video system will be installed professionally, reliably and on time.

Success Stories

VTIS project examples

Discover more video surveillance solutions using specific project examples and see our quality promise to our customers for yourself.

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