Video surveillance for traffic and infrastructure

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  • Identify problems, shorten response times
  • Integration into high-performance networks
  • License plate recognition,
  • Monitor entrances and exits etc.
  • Monitoring tunnels and roads
  • Protection against graffiti, vandalism, robbery, malicious soiling
  • Protection of persons and transportation facilities
  • Shorten response times to incidents, alert emergency services

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  • Customized IP video surveillance solutions
  • Planning, installation and maintenance by a professional company
  • More than 27 years of experience
  • ISO 9001-certified specialist company
  • More than 5,000 successfully implemented projects
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Same contact person for the entire project
  • Friendly and uncomplicated support

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VTIS video surveillance for

Transport infrastructure

VTIS offers state-of-the-art video surveillance for traffic and critical infrastructures. The components of a video surveillance system are exposed to extreme influences in this area. In the world of traffic and transportation, electronic devices have to communicate with each other in real time, over long distances and often under adverse conditions. VTIS video surveillance solutions are therefore scalable and adapt perfectly to your requirements. They provide reliable documentation, regardless of the area of traffic & transportation in which they are used.

Public transportation: bus, train & critical infrastructure
Passenger & freight transportation: cars, trucks, road networks
Air traffic: airports, airfields, infrastructure
Maritime transport: ports, landing stages, terminals

Solutions for your industry sector

Video surveillance for your company

Public transport is becoming increasingly important in metropolitan areas and large cities. Millions of commuters rely on the safety and smooth running of the transportation system. With video surveillance from VTIS, which is specially adapted to public transport, you can reliably increase safety and efficiency.

Public transportation

In local public transport, video surveillance is used to exercise domiciliary rights, to protect against violence against persons and transport facilities and for passenger safety. IP video dome cameras are generally used to protect trains or buses from vandalism, but also to protect passengers from assaults by violent criminals. Furthermore, advanced VTIS video surveillance along roads or route networks facilitates early detection of obstacles, reduces reaction times, and, if needed, issues warnings to both drivers and emergency or rescue services.

Building security

In order to prevent tampering with buildings and facilities, such as graffiti, vandalism or robbery, advanced video surveillance can be installed either visibly or inconspicuously, e.g. near historical buildings or in public places. In this way, potential offenders are either directly deterred or, in the event of a crime, convicted on the basis of the video documentation. Of course, it is also possible to monitor entrance and exit areas as well as properties.

Your advantages with VTIS video systems

  • Safer transportation environment,
  • less vandalism, violence and insurance fraud,
  • Real-time access to live images and recordings in HDTV or 4K,
  • Flexibility, reliability and future-proof video surveillance

VTIS video surveillance in passenger & freight transport

The integration of video surveillance systems into high-performance networks ensures an uninterrupted flow of information. High-resolution VTIS IP cameras are ideal for monitoring tunnels and roads. Among other things, they perform license plate recognition or monitor entrances and exits, as well as critical areas. They can also be mounted on traffic lights or lampposts to ensure road safety. A robust design and high image performance are essential to ensure that these systems can be operated quickly and reliably. With VTIS video surveillance for traffic, you can quickly gain an overview of the situation in an emergency and initiate the coordination of assistance measures accordingly.

Provide reliable and detailed traffic video footage around the clock, automatically report incidents such as traffic jams and broken-down vehicles, withstand extreme weather conditions, provide historical and real-time traffic data.

Creating security for customers, employees and capital with a professional VTIS video system

VTIS video surveillance for air traffic

Airports have become the hubs of modern civilization. The number of passengers is expected to rise to up to 7 billion in 2034. This figure does not seem far-fetched, as 3.5 billion passengers traveled by plane in 2015. With a dramatic increase in air traffic, the demands on security measures are also escalating in this domain. A VTIS video surveillance solution for air traffic can monitor all critical areas of airports precisely and reliably:

Entrances and exits, security and passport controls, cargo areas, business and parking zones, airport fencing, runways and taxiways

VTIS video surveillance can not only monitor areas as required, but also issue predefined alarm messages, e.g. if a vehicle or person enters predefined danger zones (runway, maneuvering areas). VTIS video surveillance for air traffic is intelligent. It includes numerous functions, from people counting to facial recognition, everything is possible. Find out all about video analysis and intelligent applications for video surveillance here.

All images run via a secure network and can be viewed by several authorized persons. The surveillance cameras transmit in HDTV up to 4K. This also simplifies the investigation of incidents and the identification of suspicious individuals.

Video surveillance for air traffic is a worthwhile investment in the future of critical infrastructures. Naturally, our solution grows with your requirements. VTIS video surveillance systems are flexible and scalable, i.e. they grow with your company and your requirements.

Security at the highest level. With VTIS video concepts

VTIS video surveillance for maritime traffic

Port security covers two main areas: Protecting the multitude of valuable goods and protecting the site as part of the critical infrastructure. VTIS network video surveillance systems are suitable for solving these demanding tasks. Together with our technology partners, we enable efficient and cost-effective monitoring of port areas such as entrances and exits, waterfront promenades, properties, important buildings and warehouses as well as cargo and parking zones.

The daily volume of goods passing through ports worldwide has increased enormously in recent years. Therefore, a smooth flow of all processes is highest priority. VTIS video surveillance systems offer effective solutions that can simplify and improve many processes. This includes remote monitoring of container identification numbers, wagon numbers and other data that previously had to be checked by people. We enable remote inspection for container and freight damage. Furthermore, our solutions offer improved staff training based on real incidents and live scenarios.

Of course, we can migrate existing analog video surveillance systems to modern IP systems at low cost without disrupting operations. VTIS offers you future-proof and flexible monitoring solutions that can grow with your requirements. Benefit from a wide range of features which can reduce costs and save valuable time:

Automatic alarms when a person enters a secure area – high-res. day and night vision, high quality HDTV and 4K video images that facilitate incident investigation and identification, built-in intelligence that enables people counting, motion detection and more, network access to live video images and recordings so that multiple authorized persons can view video images simultaneously

Safety for goods, staff and customers. With VTIS video concepts

Fully protected

An excerpt of our solutions

Thanks to 27 years of experience and numerous projects in a wide range of industries, we can meet almost any requirement in the field of security and surveillance. Here you will find a small selection of our video surveillance solutions, which have been successfully tested thousands of times. You can find a detailed description of our portfolio on our solutions page.

Recording, monitoring and outsourcing video footage

Site and property security

Control & monitoring of machines


Video analysis

Object classification & object tracking

License plate recognition

Quality products, delivery reliability, manufacturer independence.

We offer a wide range of hardware and software for maximum flexibility. Our excellent connections with manufacturers of video surveillance cameras, server technology, and fundamental IT components ensure you receive optimal service and support for all your video system needs.

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Protect your company with professional video surveillance from VTIS. Our experts offer customized solutions for your company’s security needs. Contact us now for a free consultation and benefit from 27 years of experience in the field of video surveillance.

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VTIS project examples

Discover more video surveillance solutions using specific project examples and see our quality promise to our customers for yourself.

27 years of experience

Why VTIS is the right partner

We use our video technology in various areas in order to achieve the best solution for your company. High-resolution IP cameras, high-performance and versatile video management systems and video analytics as well as innovative AI applications ensure that your company is reliably secured around the clock. Changing light conditions and adverse weather conditions do not affect our systems. You receive high-resolution images at any time and in real time. All solutions for the mobility & transportation sector have been tried and tested over many years and are used successfully by numerous companies in this industry. Our many years of experience with video surveillance in the field of mobility and infrastructures result in practicable, holistic system concepts with a focus on increasing security in your company and automating security-relevant processes.

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