VTIS welcomes new trainees


VTIS Auszubildende 2014

August 1 is a very special day for Laura Jagiella and Mohammed Al-Amin Prodan. It is the first day of their training at VTIS. Both trainees propose a different way. Laura is training for IT system clerk, Al-Amin is training for IT system engineer. Of course we have eagerly embraced to interview our new trainees.


VTIS: Where are you from and what did you do before?

Laura: I’m from Dortmund and have done my graduation recently.

Al-Amin: I am from Bangladesh and was there until the 8th grade in school. Here in Germany I have recently successfully obtained my secondary school degree.


VTIS: What training do you do here at VTIS and why did you choose for this training?

Laura: I’m doing a training for IT system clerk. It sounds interesting. I am also interested in dealing with customers.

Al-Amin: I’m training as a System Engineer. I am very interested in technology and human contact is particularly important to me.


VTIS: How did you hear about VTIS and how you came to your training place?

Laura: Dirk Scheer is my uncle. After an internship here at VTIS the decision to start my training here was really easy.

Al-Amin: I have become aware of VTIS over the Internet.


We wish our two trainees lot of fun and success with their training here at VTIS.


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