VTIS has been the specialist for IP-based video surveillance and information systems for 20 years. We advise, plan and build video surveillance systems for the most varied companies in the most varied sectors. Benefit from our know-how and increase the security and productivity of your company.

Video Surveillance

Today, the application areas of modern video surveillance go far beyond traditional surveillance. By consistently focusing on future-proof system concepts, VTIS offers you tailor-made video solutions in the fields of security, building management and process optimization.

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Consulting & Planning

Thorough consultation and planning of your future video surveillance system is the most important step for convincing quality and satisfaction. That's why our experts are at your side right from the start, designing the perfect security solution for you. In return, we guarantee constant contact persons for quick and easy communication.

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Installation & Service

Your new video surveillance system is quickly and reliably installed by our experts. After the project has been completed, you can make use of our wide range of services, including regular checks of all system components, software updates and hardware monitoring.

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Our Services

Gefahrenzonen- und Bereiche aufdecken
For the fulfillment of all protection objectives and requirements
Project Management
For the timely and economical project process
Kontrollen, Updates und Wartung

As a full service system house, we fulfill all the important steps necessary to implement a full-fledged video surveillance solution. We accompany our customers from the risk analysis to the support after completion of a joint project. You have a consistent contact who will advise you on all questions. We ensure the qualification of our employees through continuous and intensive training courses. To ensure that customer orientation at VTIS is not just an empty word, we offer you services such as: VTIS Remote Support or a hands-on RMA management.

Insight into VTIS GmbH

Due to the complexity of video surveillance and IT, the value creation process of VTIS GmbH is not always easy to clarify. For this purpose, we have summarized in a video the most important points that make up our company and are descriptive for the industry.

Sales Director and ppa. Richard Wetzel speaks in this interview about the special features of the video surveillance industry, about our departments as well as internal processes.

For more interesting videos about video surveillance you can visit our company channel on YouTube.

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Strong solutions for individual requirements

In addition to VTIS core business, VTIS also provides further solutions in the areas of security, IT and communications. Our customers can choose from this portfolio a networked and powerful system according to their own requirements. We guarantee the quality of the numerous products and services through our long-standing technology partners. In close cooperation, we are constantly developing new approaches to provide you the best possible security solution.

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Always there for you

Quick and competent help

Our products and services are reliable and have been used successfully in thousands of projects. If something goes wrong, your satisfaction, as well as the functional capability of our solution at your location has the highest priority. For this, we offer you numerous options to solve possible problems prematurely, from remote maintenance to telephone support or on-site service technicians. Would you like to know more about our services? Just ask us.

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Remote Support