Step 1: Start Teamviewer & Contact Support

Before you call us please download Teamviewer to your PC and start the software. Then call us and we can be connected to one of our system technicians: +49 231 880857 - 0

Download TeamViewer

Step 2: Please tell us your ID and password

Please inform our system technician of your ID and password. It now connects via a secure connection to your PC.

The ID and password are recreated each time Teamviewer is started; Access to your video system by third parties is therefore excluded.

Your video system is now being serviced

Our system technician now fixes possible errors on your system. Fast and cost-effective. Time-consuming on-site support is no longer required. Please note that additional costs may be incurred depending on the effort involved. The system engineer will point out you at this point.

Please have a little patience. Depending on the problem, remote maintenance can also take more time. Your satisfaction is our goal!