Video Surveillance for Cultural Institutions

Video Surveillance for Cultural Institutions
  • Safeguard inputs and outputs
  • Violence, theft and vandalism
  • Identify the offender
  • People Counting
  • Stream of visitors
  • Identify potential hazards
  • Accesses, exits, paths, intersections, parking lots, audience areas, closed security areas
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In publicly accessible cultural institutions such as museums, theaters, galleries, cinemas or at public events, such as concerts or festivals, protection against burglary and theft is difficult. The safety precautions should neither affect the daily operation nor be obvious. We take into account the particular environmental conditions of your application, and provide you with value-added flexible video surveillance solutions that will fit into your specific circumstances and take typical scenarios into account while increasing your profitability.

Video surveillance for museums, theaters, cinemas

VTIS video surveillance systems protects valuable exhibits reliably and unobtrusively. Our security systems quickly provide meaningful images that can be used to help the perpetrators succeed in case of a successful case. In doing so, we seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing system and expand it with powerful HD IP cameras.

Thanks to the modular design they can be flexibly adapted to changing exhibitions.
Decent-placed high-resolution surveillance cameras with sophisticated sensors for capturing audio and movements allow monitoring of the valuables without influencing the exhibition experience. By using infrared filters and LEDs, faces can be reliably identified even in the dark.

Video surveillance for public events

Particularly in the case of large public events such as festivals or concerts, you must always keep an overview. Through strategically placed IP video surveillance cameras, the order and security personnel can steer visitor streams across the entire terrain and react quickly and purposefully in dangerous situations. In addition, you benefit from the deterrence potential of prominently placed surveillance cameras, and protect expensive equipment from theft or vandalism.

Cash and sales areas are particularly attractive for offenders. In order to be able to provide the police with an offense profile as quickly as possible, a high-resolution camera should be placed at such neuralgic points.

Monitor accesses, exits, walkways, intersections, parking lots, audiences, and closed security areas with a high-resolution digital VTIS video surveillance system. In addition to the classic monitoring function, our advanced systems also offer intelligent additional functions, such as the person counting via intelligent video analysis, which counts the visitors at inputs and outputs and provides you with real-time information on how many people are on a site.