Risk Analysis

Every project at VTIS begins with a detailed risk analysis. During this phase, our experts will discuss with you all the possible danger zones and areas of your company. Of course, we fulfill all your requirements and requirements so that an optimal solution comes to you. For this, we consider not only all company processes, processes and premises, but also existing security technology. How reliable a security concept really is depends strongly on how well the risk analysis has been carried out. For the best possible quality requirements, our experts are on site and evaluate all the details necessary for smooth project planning. Learn more about video surveillance from VTIS.

Planning of Safety Concepts

Every industry has its special characteristics, be it the competition, the market dynamics or simply the technical language. In addition, each company has its own philosophies, procedures or strategies. In our 20-year career, we have learned to recognize these individual characteristics, to understand them and to implement them in a solution-oriented manner. Within the industry, we often meet the same problems / requirements as, for example: How do I automatically safeguard hazards? How do I prevent major invalidity differences or protect myself against theft / burglary? Our safety concepts address precisely these specific requirements and provide understandable, efficient solutions. In addition, we ensure that all your protection objectives are met and that only measures that are sensible and necessary are implemented.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers are at your disposal for the timely and economical project work. In this way, you always have the same consistent and qualified contact persons, who also look after and advise you beyond the implementation phase.

Installation & Commissioning

Our team of qualified technicians ensure a smooth installation, commissioning and acceptance of all systems. In order to maintain our quality standards, our employees regularly participate in training, further education and QM audits.


Through regular checks and updates of the most important software and hardware, VTIS ensures that your system always delivers the best performance. For this, we offer tailor-made and flexible service contracts - for plants of all sizes.

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