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Use our reliable services if you need support in connection with a project. You are not yet a customer of VTIS o? Just contact us, we will be happy to help you in all matters.

With VTIS remote maintenance, our system technicians dial up to your video system and fix the problem. Simple, fast and cost-efficient.

For uncomplicated processing in the event of damage. Please note: Claims will only be accepted in written form.

You can use this form to conveniently request a service technician online. Germany-wide coverage.

As a company that processes personal data on behalf of others, VTIS GmbH is required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to conclude a contract processing agreement (CPA) with its customers in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR.

In the event of damage or a malfunction that cannot be resolved via VTIS remote support, our technicians are available throughout Germany. We guarantee a fast response time and the flawless operation of your VTIS video system. With cost-effective and flexible service packages, a future-proof continuous operation of your video system is ensured.

Individual services in projects

Service overview for project customers

Planning of security concepts

Every industry has its own special characteristics, be it competition, market dynamics or simply the terminology. In addition, every company has its own philosophies, approaches or strategies. In our 25-year career, we have learned to recognize and understand these individual characteristics and how to implement them in a solution-oriented manner. Within industries, we often encounter the same problems/requirements such as: How do I automatically secure high risk areas? How do I prevent large inventory discrepancies or protect against theft/burglary? Our security concepts address exactly these specific requirements and bring comprehensible, efficient solutions. In addition, we ensure that all your protection goals are met and that only appropriate and necessary measures are implemented.

Risk analysis

Every project at VTIS begins with a detailed risk analysis. In this phase, our experts illuminate all potential areas of risk. Of course, we fulfill all your specifications and requirements for a optimal solution. For this purpose, we consider all corporate procedures, processes and premises, as well as already existing security technology. How reliable a security concept really is depends strongly on how well the risk analysis was carried out. To ensure the best possible quality, our experts are on site to evaluate all the details necessary for smooth project planning. Learn more about video surveillance from VTIS.


Our experienced project managers are at your disposal to ensure that the project runs on schedule and economically. Thus, you always have consistent and qualified contact persons who will support and consult you beyond the implementation phase.

Installation & Initial Startup

Our team of qualified technicians ensures smooth installation, commissioning and approval of all systems. In order to maintain our quality standards, our employees regularly take part in training, further education and QM audits.


By regularly checking and updating the most important software and hardware, VTIS ensures that your system always performs optimally. For this purpose, we offer flexible service contracts tailored to your needs - for systems of any size.

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