Effective & efficient video concepts for the logistics sector

In the tough competitive environment of logistics companies, speed, reliability and efficiency are decisive for success. The loss of parcels or general cargo not only causes immediate financial loss and loss of image, but also has a negative impact on insurance premiums payable.

The excellent scalability of our video surveillance systems for the logistics sector ensures the future security of your investment. Thanks to their modular design, VTIS security systems can be flexibly adapted to your needs at any time. All video systems can be quickly and easily integrated into existing company networks, thus ensuring your long-term profitability and profiting from the added value of an integrated solution.

Our services

  • Control, monitor and evaluate processes
  • Complete tracking of goods routes
  • Save vehicle data
  • Prevent unauthorised access to the premises
  • Recording and proving damage
  • Record persons and movements in security zones
  • Alarm messages to security personnel

Your advantages

  • tailor-made IP video surveillance solutions
  • Planning, installation and maintenance – everything from a single source
  • more than 20 years of experience
  • ISO 9001-certified specialist company
  • more than 5,000 successfully implemented projects
  • Manufacturer independent
  • one contact person for the whole project friendly and uncomplicated support

Entry and exit protection

Strategically positioned groups of high-resolution IP cameras ensure the documentation and storage of the data of all vehicles entering or leaving the company premises in the central video archive. In addition to the number plate, bridge number and occupants in the vehicle cabin, the system also visually documents that no one in the vehicle’s shadow is gaining unauthorized access to the site.

Of course, individual cameras within these groups can fulfil other functions with the aid of intelligent video sensor technology. They can, for example, be used to secure the company premises at night or after closing time, in order to automatically detect persons who wish to gain unauthorised access to the premises.

Loading and unloading

With our solutions for controlling and monitoring loading and unloading, Loss Prevention Managers can easily and conveniently retrieve goods that have been recorded at the entrance, e.g. by barcode scanning. By entering the goods ID numbers, the time of loading and unloading can be found quickly and easily. If damage has been caused during these processes or if goods have been deliberately or unconsciously positioned incorrectly, this can be proven by high-resolution video material.

Hall area - general cargo tracker

In order to secure specially designated zones within a logistics centre where small and/or high-quality products are stored that could lead to theft, we divide the entire area into virtual security zones using one or more HD-IP cameras. IP-PTZ dome cameras capture the movement of people in the security zones and record important detailed information.

Outdoor "virtual fence" area

The VTIS “virtual fence” solution is made up of advanced IP thermal cameras and video sensors specially developed for this application, which make it possible to safely detect people up to 80 m away. Depending on the object, the cameras are positioned either on the outer skin of the building or on special camera masts around the building in such a way as to ensure complete surveillance.


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If a camera detects people, a message is automatically sent to a security company or the local gatekeeper so that appropriate action can be taken. A major advantage of the concept is that no lighting is required to capture people, which saves operating costs and the cost of the minimum lighting required.

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