Focus on checkout, warehouse, sales & outdoor areas: according to studies, around 5 billion euros of the annual losses in retail are due to theft and inventory differences.

German retailers lose billions of euros in turnover every year due to inventory differences, which is up to 1% of total income. Customers, organizational errors, suppliers and employees are the most frequent causes of the losses. In order to reduce inventory differences, the retail trade has increasingly relied in recent years on employee training and data evaluation in merchandise management. Recently, however, open video surveillance has dominated as the most popular security measure in the industry.

Causes of inventory differences


% customers


% staff


% Organizational errors


% suppliers

Our services

  • Deterrence and/or identification by facial recognition
  • Optimize personnel planning by determining peak times
  • Focus on areas with small, expensive items
  • Automatically monitor cash theft, fraud and low-value subscriptions
  • Uncover disloyalty among employees and service providers
  • Protect entrance areas, shop windows, car parks or loading areas in front of the
  • warehouse against acts of violence, theft or vandalism.

Your advantages

  • tailor-made IP video surveillance solutions
  • Planning, installation and maintenance – everything from a single source
  • more than 20 years of experience
  • ISO 9001-certified specialist company
  • more than 5,000 successfully implemented projects
  • Manufacturer independent
  • One contact person for the entire project
  • friendly and uncomplicated support

How can retail video surveillance reduce inventory differences?

VTIS has been the retail video surveillance specialist for more than 20 years. Our customers include the largest supermarket chains in the DACH region. We have equipped hundreds of stores with modern video surveillance systems and are adding more every day. Above all, our customers appreciate our efficient way of working, our flexibility and our know-how. Our many years of experience in wholesale and retail result in practicable, holistic security concepts with a focus on the detection of inventory discrepancies.

Why VTIS is the right partner

We use individual cameras in various sub-areas to achieve the most sensible solution for you at the focal points. In the checkout area, we install high-resolution IP cameras that automatically produce brilliant HD-resolution search photos in the event of an attack on the checkout staff, without the card payment terminal being in the camera’s field of vision. The same camera can be connected to the POS system and documents the cashier processes. In this way, the quantities of goods actually dispensed can be compared visually with the cash register journal, as can the opening of the cash register without a registration process.

What do retailers prefer to steal?

food retailers

Perfumes and cosmetics

razor blades

tobacco products

spirituous beverages



fashion retail


Expensive Ladies Brands


functional wear


sound carriers

Smartphone + Accessories

memory cards

printer cartridges

small electrical appliances

hardware stores

cordless screwdriver


LED illuminant

Counteract organized theft

According to police crime statistics, shoplifting reported in 2015 increased by 7.1% compared to the previous year. The Federal Criminal Police Office and the EHI Retail Institute estimate that about a quarter of all shoplifting is attributable to gangs and organized crime.

With our VTIS video surveillance, individually tailored to your needs, you not only deter thieves, but also offer detectives the possibility of real-time surveillance and at the same time provide information for the clarification of thefts or evidence.

With professional video surveillance, you have all critical hot spots in view: Entrance areas, cash desk, salesroom, warehouse, delivery, cash office.

Made to measure according to your wishes

No two projects are the same, which is why it is extremely important for us to remain flexible and to be able to respond professionally to changing requirements. Using the example of one of Germany’s largest food discounters as an example, we were able to handle a new requirement reliably and on time in the late course of the project. This involved a new lighting concept for the discounters’ branches. The new lighting concept and the resulting changes to the ceiling plans prevented professional installation of the cameras. From planning to installation, we developed individual camera suspensions especially for this project, quickly, precisely and on schedule. With VTIS you benefit from a large network of partners, highly trained employees and our many years of experience in the retail sector, which we would like to pass on to you in a joint project.

Optimizing customer frequency measurements

Customer frequency measurements are becoming increasingly important in the retail trade, especially in the fashion sector. Many companies share their profits with their employees on the basis of customer frequency – more customers participate more in profits. In order for this model to work, an automated and precise method is needed to provide relevant information about the flow of visitors. With our partner Vizualize, we offer you a comprehensive and practical tool for customer behavior analysis. Not only does Vizualize allow you to count customers accurately, it also gives you access to a wide range of applications to attract more visitors to your stores. – Learn more about the possibilities of video analytics for retail.

Understanding Customers with Vizualize

Vizualize is used in thousands of locations in 40 countries on six continents. Customers include global retailers, brand manufacturers, media companies and large shopping malls. With Vizualize, you get real-time insight into your customers’ activities. Vizualize combines high-end sensors, intelligent devices, software, analysis and reporting solutions into a powerful tool to improve your business performance. The result is a higher return on infrastructure (such as your IP video system), staff and marketing investments, and improved visitor-to-customer conversion rates. Comparable analysis capabilities were previously only available online. With Vizualize you can use your IP video system as an active marketing tool.


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Our many years of experience with video surveillance in wholesale and retail result in practical, holistic security concepts with a focus on uncovering inventory differences and a customer behavior analysis for sales optimization. We use individual cameras in various sub-areas in order to achieve the most sensible solution for you at the focal points.

With over 15 years of experience in the planning and installation of networked video surveillance and around 5,000 successfully implemented projects, we are your experienced partner for video security solutions and process optimization in retail. Contact our team of experts for a tailor-made, non-binding offer

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