Industry 4.0

Automation in the manufacturing industry has not only progressed hastily since the concept of the intelligent factory, summarized under the catchword “Industry 4.0”, was introduced. The networking and integration of all manufacturing processes through the integration of computer systems and the Internet all have one big goal: location-independent, fast and flexible production with maximum efficiency and added value. The networking of enterprise systems and processes, however, requires increased security precautions in order to protect corporate assets from external influences.

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  • Production optimization & process optimization
  • Deterrence & identification by facial recognition
  • Protection against theft and burglary
  • Monitoring of access roads and exits
  • Avoid vandalism
  • Record unauthorized parking & hit-and-run driving
  • prevent dwindling inventories
  • Monitoring shipping lines & packing systems

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  • tailor-made IP video surveillance solutions
  • Planning, installation and maintenance – everything from a single source
  • more than 20 years of experience
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  • Manufacturer-independent contact person for the entire project
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Efficient process optimization through IP video surveillance

Tailor-made IP video surveillance solutions for industrial companies are a worthwhile investment to optimize production and delivery processes. IP video surveillance allows production and delivery processes to be optimized in terms of security and efficiency. Production facilities can be reliably monitored around the clock to increase yields and reduce costs. Occupational safety can also be increased. By using cameras with motion detection, hazardous areas can be monitored. If an employee is in a predefined danger zone, the video surveillance system triggers a warning or alarm. IP video surveillance is used for the regulation and control of machines and is ideal for making qualitative statements. Process interruptions are reduced or even completely avoided – the efficiency of production is significantly increased.

Produktions- und Lieferprozesse optimieren
Gefahrenbereiche mit Bewegungserkennung sichern
Kostensenkung durch Anlagenüberwachung
Steuerung von Maschinen mit IP Videoüberwachung

IP video surveillance is particularly used, for example, in the area of shipment tracking. With the help of an IP video surveillance system, consignments and their whereabouts can be determined and monitored. Incorrect or missing goods assignments as well as the detection of incidents such as theft can be reduced and avoided thanks to a modern video surveillance system.

Reliable telecontrol and remote maintenance

The entrepreneurial assertion in global competition requires the central administration of different company locations at home and abroad. For this purpose, different locations can be systematically networked. In order to ensure that your networked production processes are not only protected against unauthorized access from a distance, but that the necessary quality standards are achieved and troubleshooting is facilitated, VTIS IP video surveillance can be seamlessly integrated into existing facilities and network structures and managed from a central control center. This saves cost-intensive on-site technicians.

License plate recognition with Aimetis Symphony

The video documentation can of course be integrated into your existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in order to manage operational processes and continuously optimize business processes. Our team of experts will always work with you to determine the type and depth of integration. First of all, we want to understand your goals and processes in order to offer you an economically efficient and powerful VTIS solution with added value.


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Advanced Motion Tracking mit Aimetis Symphony

When it comes to preventing unauthorised access to the premises, in addition to simple access control at entrances and exits, a large number of other processes can be documented and evaluated using modern image and text recognition technologies such as automatic number plate or face recognition. This enables you to detect and prevent fraudulent actions at an early stage without the need for additional personnel.


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The most important facts at a glance

The competition is enormous due to globalization and the constantly growing economic sector. It is therefore not surprising that the fight against white-collar crime has taken a firm place in companies. According to the statistics of the state criminal investigation offices, every second company is affected by white-collar crime.

With the help of video surveillance, potential perpetrators can be deterred in advance or already identified during the commission of the crime thanks to facial recognition.

Video surveillance can do more than you think. Thanks to intelligent imaging solutions, network cameras can provide an overview of the department or production line or be integrated directly into the plant to monitor processes during production.

It may be that sources of error are often identified late and can cause financial damage. Video surveillance in industrial plants enables precise fault analysis to permanently reduce or completely avoid possible process interruptions.

Thus, the video surveillance system actively contributes to the company’s success. Deviations in the processes of the machines, operating errors of the plants or defects in the production chain are reliably detected and statistically recorded.

The use of professional video surveillance can noticeably increase occupational safety. Observe dangerous areas in production halls and reliably identify potential sources of danger.

Network cameras with motion detection alert you to deviating behavior patterns. This enables you to react quickly to the incident. Thermal cameras make over- and undertemperatures in silos or tanks clear; smouldering fires or suddenly escaping gases can be detected early.

Besides office buildings, storage and sales rooms are preferred targets for thieves. In addition to casual theft by personnel or service providers, burglary by gangs and white-collar crime are common offences.

A video surveillance system can actively contribute to the prevention or investigation of such crimes. Discreet network cameras reliably monitor sensitive company areas at any time of day or night.

With a tailor-made video surveillance concept for the entire outdoor area and parking spaces, you know who enters and leaves your premises at any time of day or night. Incidents such as vandalism, unauthorised parking (e.g. on parking lots for the disabled, visitors or women) or hit and run can be avoided or solved.

The efficiency of your company’s warehousing and logistics can be noticeably increased by using a tailor-made video surveillance solution. Surveillance systems prevent shrinkage from warehouses and are increasingly used for process monitoring in shipping lanes or packing systems.

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