Video Surveillance for Industry & Production

Video surveillance for the industry
  • Production optimization and process optimization
  • Deterrence & Identification by Face Detection
  • Protection against theft and burglary
  • Monitoring of access roads and exits
  • Avoid vandalism
  • Accept unauthorized parking & accident cessation
  • Dumping stocks
  • Shipping lines & packing systems
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  • Planning, installation and maintenance - all from a single source
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  • ISO 9001 certified specialist company
  • More than 5,000 successfully implemented projects
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Industrie 4.0

Automation in the manufacturing industry has not only advanced rapidly since the concept of the intelligent factory, summarized under the slogan "Industry 4.0". The networking and integration of all manufacturing processes through the integration of computer systems and the Internet all have a great goal: location-dependent, fast and flexible production with maximum efficiency and added value. However, the networking of business systems and processes requires enhanced security measures to protect the company's assets against foreign interference.

Efficient process optimization through IP video surveillance

Customized IP video monitoring solutions for the industrial sector are a worthwhile investment for optimizing production and delivery processes. Through IP video surveillance, production and delivery processes can be optimized with regard to safety and efficiency. Manufacturing facilities can be reliably monitored around the clock to increase revenues and reduce costs. Work safety can also be increased. Through the use of cameras with motion detection, hazardous areas can be monitored. If an employee is in a previously defined danger area, the video surveillance system triggers a warning or an alarm. IP video surveillance is used in the control of machines and is ideal for making qualitative statements. Process interruptions are reduced or even completely avoided - the efficiency of the production is significantly increased.

IP video surveillance is particularly useful. Also in the area of ​​shipment tracking. An IP video surveillance system can be used to determine and monitor the security of the goods and their whereabouts. Incorrect or missing goods assignments and the detection of incidents, e.g. Theft can be reduced and avoided thanks to a modern video surveillance system.


Reliable remote control and maintenance

The entrepreneurial claim in global competition requires the central management of different company locations in Germany and abroad. For this purpose, various sites can be networked systematically. In order to ensure that your networked production processes are not only protected against unauthorized access, but also achieve the necessary quality standards, as well as make troubleshooting easier, the VTIS IP video surveillance can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and network structures A central control center. This saves cost-intensive technology applications on site.

Identification plate identification with Aimetis Symphony

You can, of course, integrate the video documentation into your existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in order to manage business processes and continuously optimize business processes. The nature and depth of the integration is always worked out by our team of experts. First, we want to understand your goals and processes, and then offer you an economically efficient and powerful VTIS solution with added value.

Advanced Motion Tracking with Aimetis Symphony

When it comes to the prevention of unauthorized access to the plant, a large number of other processes can be documented and evaluated in addition to simple access control at inputs and outputs by means of modern image and text recognition technologies, such as the automatic number plate or face recognition. So you are able to recognize and prevent malicious acts at an early stage without the use of additional personnel.

Protection against economic crime and unauthorized access

We advise you in detail about how you can protect yourself against economic crime with a VTIS video surveillance solution by controlling and administering the access rights of your own and third-party employees, service providers and suppliers to your data from research and development.
With over 15 years of experience in the planning and installation of networked video surveillance and over 5,000 successfully implemented projects, we are your experienced partner for video security solutions and process optimization in industry and trade. Contact our expert team for a tailor-made, non-binding offer.