Reasons for a VTIS video surveillance system

Public buildings and facilities are always heavily frequented and pose numerous security risks. Municipalities and municipal facilities as well as institutions and ministries at federal and state level can protect themselves comprehensively with advanced VTIS video surveillance. Tailor-made systems from VTIS offer the optimum solution for every area of application and adapt flexibly to the ambient conditions. They help to optimize processes and promote cost-effectiveness.

Our services

  • deter and identify perpetrators
  • Protection against violence, vandalism & theft
  • Monitor large areas in real time
  • Identifying changes and hazards
  • Protect against intrusion, robbery and other threats
  • Fast, efficient resource planning
  • Manage and search digital video and audio signals

Your advantages

  • tailor-made IP video surveillance solutions
  • Planning, installation and maintenance – everything from a single source
  • more than 20 years of experience
  • ISO 9001-certified specialist company
  • more than 5,000 successfully implemented projects
  • Manufacturer independent
  • One contact person for the entire project
  • friendly and uncomplicated support

Video surveillance for educational institutions

Violence, vandalism and theft are increasingly becoming a problem in educational institutions – and an additional burden on budgets when budgets are tight. Prominently placed cameras, e.g. at entrances and emergency exits, in corridors or schoolyards, can deter potential perpetrators and support rapid reconnaissance.

VTIS video surveillance systems provide you with high-resolution images in the event of burglary and vandalism, maximizing the success of your investigation.

Video surveillance for police authorities

We use individual cameras in various sub-areas to achieve the most sensible solution for you at the focal points. In the checkout area, we install high-resolution IP cameras that automatically produce brilliant HD-resolution search photos in the event of an attack on the checkout staff, without the card payment terminal being in the camera’s field of vision. The same camera can be connected to the POS system and documents the cashier processes. In this way, the quantities of goods actually dispensed can be compared visually with the cash register journal, as can the opening of the cash register without a registration process.

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