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SNC toolbox mobile

Network cameras from Sony faster and easier to install and set up

Installing and setting up security cameras can be a chore. Even for cameras equipped with an analogue video output, adjusting zoom and focus normally means holding a portable video monitor in one hand to see the effect on the resulting picture.

Setting up networked cameras connected to a LAN can be equally time-consuming. Fine-tuning settings typically means phoning from the top of a ladder to another operator in the control room who’s viewing camera images on their PC screen. It’s a slow, inefficient and labour-intensive process.

But now there’s an easier way. New SNC toolbox mobile is a handy smartphone app (for iOS/Android) that makes it quicker and easier for installers and security managers to set up their entire fleet of Sony network cameras.

There’s no need for an extra monitor or other staff to assist you. With the camera connected to the wireless network, installers can simply view live video from the camera on the screen of their smartphone or tablet. This allows the effects of adjusting the camera’s zoom and focus controls to be seen instantly – without the need to call a colleague or connect a video monitor specially, providing freedom of movement and better safety for the installer.

The Sony oolbox mobile app is now available as a free download in Google Play Store:


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