Key Technology Imaging
  • Check the quality
  • Control Machines
  • Control processes
  • Identify components
  • Read codes
  • Optimize production
Make the visible measurable

The non-contact measurement of components by means of imaging offers a great advantage: the measurement is extremely fast in the production cycle. Each workpiece is tested without reducing the production speed. Optimize your material impact and logistics by means of secure identification using imaging.

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Imaging - the future of industrial production


The production of the future will be aimed at achieving the maximum benefit with the least possible use of material and energy. The strictest quality standards have become a matter of course, samples are subject to a 100% control. The production steps are documented completely and are clearly traceable.

All this is possible through Imaging. Image processing systems check the quality of the production process, thus avoiding expensive recalls, product arrest cases or even imagery. Due to ever-worsening global competition, sites remain viable only if you stand out from the competition in terms of productivity and costs.

As a system house with core competency in the area of ​​digital video surveillance, it is a logical step to strengthen our expertise in the field of imaging technologies. By exploiting synergies in the field of imaging and IP video surveillance, VTIS is actively striving to improve the quality of industrial production.

All-rounder Image Processing

Imaging ist inzwischen nahezu in allen Lebensbereichen im Einsatz.

Reconstruction of destroyed documents
Detection of fake paintings
Optimization of traffic flows (ITS, traffic engineering)
3D analysis of house roofs of a municipality from the air for the automatic calculation of the suitable areas for solar plants
Improved waste separation for more economical recycling
Market research: Determine length of stay in front of shelves
Interactive product presentations in retail (see also Digital Signage)
3D-measurement of the face for optimal selection of glasses with the optician



In combination with image processing algorithms, highly specialized HD cameras and imaging systems even images where people have not seen anything for a long time.


Image processing allows robots to see and install without errors. Defective products are detected and sorted out at an early stage. Your competitiveness is increasing noticeably.

Automobil- & Zulieferindustrie

Exact and error-free production is crucial for quality and safety in the automotive industry. Comprehensive assembly and inspection processes are possible thanks to imaging processes.

Druck- & Verpackungstechnik

Modern printing presses have extreme demands on printing speed, large paper widths, exact color reproduction as well as high resolutions. Powerful imaging procedures help avoid rejects and achieve the highest quality.

Lebensmittel- und Getränke-Technologie

High-Precision Image processing allows even the most reliable inspection of difficult-to-inspect goods. Productivity increases with 100% quality.

Verkehrs- und Transportwesen

Intelligent transport systems are based on imaging methods for vehicle classification, number plate identification and speed monitoring. State-of-the-art cameras are used to capture 2D and 3D data in the area of infrastructure monitoring on road and rail.

Sport und Medien

Image processing has also entered the field of high-performance sports. Whether it is to verify referee decisions (for example, goal line technique), to create statistics or to train the athletes more efficiently.