Your video system in focus

VTIS Monitoring

With the help of VTIS Monitoring, you can be sure that your VTIS IP video system is working reliably at all times. Experienced system engineers monitor the entire video network using PRTG, a sophisticated monitoring software. Relax: as long as you do not receive any warnings from VTIS, you know that all components of your video system are working as expected. In case of an incident, you will be contacted by VTIS to coordinate the next steps with you.

VTIS Monitoring as SAAS or ON-SITE

You have the choice

Monitoring as a service (SaaS)

The monitoring server is located in a secure data center in Germany. A monitoring sample is set up at your site. The collected meta data is transmitted to the monitoring server via a secure connection.

Monitoring as an in-house operation (on-site)

We set up a monitoring server on-site. All data remains on your premises and is not transferred to another server.

Maintenance and servicing of the monitoring system is in your hands.

Secured all around with PRTG sensors

Precaution is better
than hindsight

Imagine the following scenario: A site with 30 surveillance cameras. These record and send live images to a central control center. But here, for example, only 6 streams can be displayed on the monitors at the same time. In this case, if a camera fails undetected, it will only be discovered when it is too late. The recording or the live image are lost. That’ s exactly what you can prevent with VTIS Monitoring.

  • No unnoticed hardware failures thanks to proactive fault clearance concept
  • Automatic notifications in case of incidents, no additional work for you
  • Low and flexible costs
  • No hardware installation necessary
  • Automatic alarm messages with information about fault source
  • Automatic or manual ticket generation from the fault message
  • Monthly health reporting of your system

Monitoring as a service

Sensors are monitored by VTIS and services such as ticket system, remote support or customer notifications are connected. The reaction chain can be triggered by VTIS. The customer does not have to provide any resources for the evaluation.

Minimal installation at the customer’s site without additional hardware

We take care of maintenance and notification in the event of a malfunction

Evaluation and reaction chain resides with VTIS

Additional services such as alerting, ticket system or remote support

VTIS Monitoring als Software as a Service

Monitoring aws in-house operation

In the event of an alarm, a reaction chain must be triggered by the customer. The customer must provide the resources for the evaluation. Training for the system can be provided by VTIS.

Complete installation of the monitoring system at the customer’s site

Care, maintenance and operation are the responsibility of the customer

Powerful hardware required

Evaluation and reaction chain at the customer

Systemübersicht VTIS Monitoring

Your data is secure

What data is evaluated?

With VTIS Monitoring we perform availability checks of servers, clients, switches, cameras and much more. We monitor the functionality and performance of software and hardware.

VTIS Monitoring does not record any type of video data or network data from your video system!

Monitoring is NOT surveillance!

We do not access your video recording or live image content. What we see is metadata provided by different sensors. Here, only the performance of the systems, functionality and incidents are displayed. 
The analysis of the metadata is compliant with data protection laws. No personal data is used or stored.